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For those who aren't familiar yet with that parts of the eye,  here's an image that will absolutely help you recognize which one is which... most especially if you are a makeup newbie.

I placed 2 images for a better look.

Brow bone area : This is where the highlight color is applied. The most commonly used color here is white. It can be any light shade that is closer to your skin tone.

Crease : This is where I usually apply a darker color to better define my eyes. In addition, this is also where you can see that fold of skin which is termed as "Above Crease" and is refered to as my blend out area.

Eyelid :  It comprises of the inner, middle and the outer lid. Sometimes I just call it the inner half and the outer half of the lid if I'm just using 2 colors on the lid.

Outer "V": This is where I usually apply dark colors in order to emphasize the shape of my eye.  I prefer to use the same eyeshadow color on my outer V and my crease, then I just add a touch of black to darken the outer V area.

Tearduct : I sometimes apply a hint of highlight color on this area to give a bright eye effect.

Upper lash line : This is where I apply my eyeliner. I use either black or dark brown.

Lower lash line : It will really depend on your preference what color you put. Others want to use bright colors on the lower lash line like blue or purple. I sometimes apply an eyeshadow on this area for a dramatic look.

Waterline: There are two types, the upper waterline and the lower waterline. For those with bigger eyes, it is good to apply black eyeliner on the upper waterline to make eyes appear smaller. On the lower waterline, I usually use black or brown as well but sometimes I use a white eyeliner to line this area to brighten my eyes.

I hope this helps...


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