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First time having my nails done with Nail Art and nail extensions, and I'm so happy with how it looked! This is the prettiest my nails has ever been 😅 since I normally do not get any manicure. Purely because I practice Jiu Jitsu and short nails are required.

For those who are curious, nail extensions can be done in several ways and different materials. The most popular is Gel Nail Extensions which was the method used for my nails. It is a combination of the same gel polish which is used for gel nails and clear press-on nails. The press-on nails are used to add length while the gel polish serves as a glue and sort of protection for your natural nails.

The outcome is as long lasting and as strong as Acrylic Nail extensions, but without the harsh chemicals that comes into using acrylics.  In addition to that, the process time is much faster compared to acrylics. It can last up to 3 months, but I already had mine removed after two weeks since I am not used to having long nails, so I find it hard to do things.

Thank you so much for the beautiful work. It took about 3 hours to finish since curing the nail extensions takes time.

You can message them and book an appointment. No walk-ins, by appointment only 😊
You may visit their Facebook page HERE for inquiries.

Here is their current Pricing (their might be price changes)
Plain gel - 800
Gel with design - 1200
Polygel Extensions with plain color -1500
Acrylic Extensions with gel - 2200

Add ons:
50 per design
50 per sticker
Rhinestones - 10
Nail gems from 50-400

Until next time.


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