REVIEW: Charm Luxe Retractable Kabuki

10:56:00 PM

Just found another makeup brush I'm in love with, the Charm Luxe Retractable Kabuki.  I've been using a generic retractable kabuki which I found at our local department store and I ditched it right away without having second thoughts when I got my hands on this brush.

Product Info from Beauty & Minerals
For girls on the go who love stuffing their stuffs in their bag, the Charm Luxe Retractable Kabuki is the perfect travel companion, and perfect trophy makeup item in your bag! Like the Charm Luxe Kabuki, the Luxe Retractable Kabuki is made of synthetic, vegan hair, that glides like velvet no matter how much you buff it on your skin!

Retail Price: Php 580.00

look at how lush this is.

What I like about it...
* reasonably priced, so worth your money
* comes in this elegant and luxurious gold casing
* very handy, fits perfectly in my makeup bag
* super soft, it's the softest retractable brush I've ever tried
* perfectly dense, not like other retractable brushes that are flimsy
* the synthetic hair used is very fine
* doesn't shed even after washing

What I don't like about it...
* none, it's the most perfect retractable kabuki for me.

My rating: 5 / 5

I bring this with me everyday, so I really love this brush. I use it for my powder foundation and blushers. I just love how soft, fluffy and dense this brush is. Would I recommend this? Hell Yeah! Visit Beauty & Minerals website and check it out HERE.

This is it for now.


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  1. nice brush. I have my charm kabuki with pink pouch naman :D

  2. I super love mine to Hollie! They're really the softest and prettiest inside my pouch. I bring it with me everyday too! Such a great buy isn't it?

  3. Started following your blog and was surprised to see that you bought it like I did! I just got mine from the mail today and I also purchased it in Gold! Absolutely loving it as far as I'm concerned! :D


  4. love charm retractable brushieee too!!!!
    enjoy sis!

  5. I think I'm going to like this. Wasn't totally happy with the pink one but this looks like the perfect retractable brush. Thanks for the review. :)

  6. Kabukis are always so cute! I love retractable kabukis to keep in my handbag x

  7. it seems like an awesome brush from your review and that you take it everywhere!

  8. OHHHHH!!!! i have been looking for a retractable brush because i'm always at a loss when i'm traveling.. i will need to get this since your reviews of it was so wonderful!

  9. I read amazing things about this kabuki! I wanna give it a try sooon. Thanks for the review Hollie!<3

  10. sounds perfect! :) thanks for sharing <3

  11. It's so pretty! So cool that it works perfectly, too. ^^

  12. I need to try this! great review sweets :)

  13. This brush looks so convenient for travel and the bristles look so soft! Retractable brushes are so handy, I have one from BareMinerals which has a powder compartment too =)

  14. Dont you see the big Armani giveaway on my blog! :) dont forget to visit!

  15. definitely loving retractable brushes! perfect for the purse!
    thnx for the review! i thnk its almost same as sigma's

    hope u'l follow back!

  16. i want! i need! thanks for sharing :)

    join my giveaway!


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