REVIEW: Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer

2:53:00 PM

I've been using the Maybelline Dream Mouse Concealer in Latte for almost a month now and I really like it. I bought it off last month and never thought that this would turn out to be such a surprise.

Product Info from Maybelline
Why You'll Love It
Like no other concealer you've tried or applied.
- Perfecting coverage with an amazing air-soft feel
- Blends so smoothly, conceals so completely
- Innovative technology with flexible silicone elastic that helps prevent caking
Retail Price: around $7.00

What I like about it...
* inexpensive, I bought it for Php 262.00 inclusive of shipping
* a little goes a long way, seriously! notice the photo above, that's 2 weeks worth of usage and look how much product is left. It looks like it has only been used twice.
* very light, doesn't feel like I have concealer on
* no funky smell
* very pigmented
* has a really soft and creamy texture
* glides and blends easily
* gives full coverage
* doesn't cake,  I only apply this once before I go to the office and 8 hours later, it still looks like I didn't even have concealer on.
* stays long (for reference I have normal to dry skin)

What I don't like...
* it's not available locally on Maybelline counters. Can only be bought online.
* argh! this stuff has been discontinued.
* difficult to blend and it will cake, only if you put too much product on.
* the product settles on fine lines or wrinkles, so it's definitely not for mature skin.

My rating: 4.5 / 5

Before applying concealer

After applying concealer

I use my ELF Bamboo Concealer brush when applying this on my dark circles and just pat it with my fingers to blend it well. My final say, it's an awesome concealer and the price is such a steal. I find this much easier to blend when compared to my liquid concealers.

Would I recommend this? Definitely! that is, if you can still find it. :(

This is it for now.


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  1. Alam mo nakaakinis... i tried to buy this but they said phase out na daw... :(

  2. This got discontinued?? Thats sad. I never used this before though. But it sounds great!

  3. nice review!buti they still have that on ebay

  4. I love this concealer too and since it has been dc'ed, major tipid mode. :P Glad you like it too! :)

  5. i can really see the difference, nakacover talaga nya dark circles mo! nice review Hollie!

  6. @Sweethestia, yeps, it's discontinued. but it's still available at :D

    @Nancy, yeah, it's a really good concealer, one of the best ones I've tried so far.

    @Amanderrific, oh my, I haven't seen you in a while... thanks.

    @Pammy, I think, this jar will last me for a whole

  7. scared of products that will settle on fine line and wrinkles as i have many LOL! thanks for this review hollie dear. ;)

  8. @Khymm, I really thought you've tried this already. :D they say that is comparable to the Nyx concealer in a jar. Thanks sis.

  9. @sugar sugar, thanks sis.

  10. Wow! I think I have to try this! :)

  11. I am really impressed with maybelline products lately. They do such good job with an affordable price tag~ Sad that this is discontinued tho :(
    Nice post xx

  12. what! its discontinued! that sucks :( after i saw this i was gonna buy it wah:(

  13. wow, i love it! my dear, you are such an ebay addict :P like me! haha :)

  14. my sister love this baby so much! she likes it too. haven't tried it yet tho =(

  15. Hey Hollie, this is such a great review. It really does conceal very well!

  16. Wow, seems like a great concealer!

  17. I've heard great things about this concealer, I hope it gets to Malaysia soon! I like trying concealers in person before buying them~

  18. thanks for dropping by ladies... :D

  19. What are the other shades of this product sis? I want to try it too but I don't which one to choose. TIA...

  20. This is just what I was looking for. I was not expecting that I'd get so much out of reading your write up! You've just earned yourself a returning visitor :)


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