REVIEW: ELF Beauty Encylopedia Face Edition

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While I was checking the ELF website, I found out that the Beauty Encyclopedia line is no longer available. But I saw that this has been renamed to ELF Essential Beauty School Beauty Book - Face Manual. So everything that's inside the Face Manual is pretty much the same as the Beauty Encyclopedia Face Edition.

Product Info from ELF
Want a flawless face? Then check out our Beauty Book Face Manual! This popular, high-quality yet affordable face makeup set allows you to achieve everyday professional results while creating the look that best reflects your personal style. Our Beauty Books include a step-by-step guide to flawless face makeup as well as a flip out page for recording your looks. You’ll love this all-in-one compact with must-have face makeup essentials.
Collection Includes: 
4 Face Shimmers
4 Concealers
1 Blush
1 Bronzer
1 Face Brush

Retail Price: $5.00 

 Right side when opened

Left side when opened

Back Portion

What I like about it...
* inexpensive, you get all these for only five bucks, it's such a steal!
* nice packaging, I love that it's very light and easy to store
* the face shimmers, are perfect as highlighters. They're really great especially if I apply them in the cheek bone area before I put on my powder blush. It really gives nice glow.
* the shades of the concealers are perfect.
* the blusher and bronzer are pigmented.

What I don't like...
* I find the concealers too sheer and it only has medium coverage.
* the golden glitters of the pink blusher are not finely milled.
* I have to be careful in dipping my brush on the blush and bronzer as they tend to get powdery.

My rating: 3 / 5

Blusher Swatch

Bronzer Swatch

face shimmer swatches

I really do love the face shimmers or highlighters that came with this palette. Would I recommend this? I'd say yes, because I think this would be perfect for makeup newbies.  Although, it's not that amazing, I think it's a good palette to have around.

This is it for now.


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  1. Thats the one you got from Diane right? I don't think I can make a decent product review for makeup. lol. i'm still in the learning process. I love mine (the beauty encyclopedia ~ EYE)! I bring it with me all the time and I got a friend hooked on it as well. I haven't seen it any elf counters though..

  2. @Kai Sensei, yes, this is the one I got from Diane. It's available online at don't worry sis, you'll find your own way to do your reviews. hehe

  3. The face shimmers look so pretty~ I dont think I would buy this though. I have had negative experiences with the ELF Beauty Encyclopedias :/

  4. Nice! I want to try the one for the eyes ;)

  5. this is a must-have for newbie makeup enthusiasts! it's great that it comes with instructions na rin ;)

  6. So pretty :) I love these highlighters!

  7. great review sis! shall buy one when i see a stock because i think the highlighters seem gorgeous! :)

  8. looks nice, I might have to try it just because of those face shimmers!

  9. the highlighters are fab!
    i adore highlighters!

    i haven't tried any elf face base yet because i'm thinking that since it's cheap it would be loaded with parabens & silicones...

    i'll start with their mineral or studio line then i'll go on from there.

  10. this is such a good deal because it pretty much comes with everything! i love the colors in it

  11. lovely review :D im thinking of buying some elf prods hmmm

  12. Great review sis.... meronf kasamang matte sa eyeshadow nito diba?

  13. It is such a steal! I need to give some love to mine. I haven't used it in forever!


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