REVIEW: Silka Papaya Whitening Body Wash

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I've been loving body washes lately and Silka Papaya Whitening Body Wash is the third brand of body wash I've tried. The first one was Johnson's Body Care Naturally White Daily Moisturizing Wash and second one was the Dove Beauty Body Wash Go Fresh in Energizing. So far I've been loving them all. But here's my two cents on the Silka body wash.

What I like about it...
* inexpensive, retails around Php 45.00
* easily available on all supermarkets and groceries
* smells really good
* a little goes a long way, I emptied out my 100ml bottle after a month.
I just need a few drops on my shower puff and it lathers really well
* it really does lighten my skin naturally,
I was soaked in the sun during my brother's Pre-nup video shoot and worst part is I forgot to apply sunblock. So, my skin really darkened. After a week of usage I noticed that it lightened a bit and after finishing up the whole bottle, my skin color is back to normal. :D
* it very moisturizing, so if you have dry skin, this one's perfect.
* no allergies experienced
* Philippine made 

What I don't like...
* none that I can think of. :)

My rating: 4 / 5

I don't want to give this a perfect score because it could definitely use some improvements like adding micro beads to the formula or something like that. This really is a good body wash considering the very affordable price. Will definitely recommend this to you ladies.

This is it for now.


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  1. I'll try to get that one and use it as my travel body wash to try. :) Thanks for the recommendation Ms. Hollie!

  2. Wow! they have body wash na pala! I wanna try this promise. There lotion has a good smell e, but i don't like the bar soap, nangangati ako. try q to promise.

  3. Favorite din 'to ng Mom ko. =) She says that it smells good, too. Like candy.

  4. Thanks for sharing, H! Super good deal at 45 pesos!

  5. Ooh, maybe I should give this a try since I'm in dire need of something to even out my skin color after soaking in the pool under the sun. Thanks for sharing, Hollie mollie. :P

  6. i want to try this! thanks for sharing hollie! i only knew of the soap hehe. :)

  7. This is fantastic! I am naturally fair, but my arms tend to tan more than the rest of my body. My face always stays really white because I wear foundation and sunblock, but sometimes I forget to wear sunblock on my arms. I really need something that will help to even out my skin slowly~

  8. I love the smell of papaya!

  9. my bf has this lol =)
    so that's why his tan skin got a bit lighter. :)

  10. Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase this product??

  11. @Anonymous
    This is available locally here in Phils. at almost all grocery stores or beauty sections at a dept. store. You can also find this at Watsons.

    I bought mine at Metro Ayala Grocery

  12. I can't find which store it's in! Somebody help please?

    1. I'm not sure where you're from but here in Cebu, it's available in almost all Supermarkets.

    2. Hi Hollie,
      I'm from California. Do you know any store that would have the body wash in California?

    3. I'm not sure, but I looked it up on google. Silka Papaya products might be sold in Filipino Groceries in California

      also check out and

  13. is this okay for daily usage ? since it has an exfoliant

  14. @izebaby ice, Yes I used this body wash daily. Every night before I go to sleep. I also use the green papaya variant ^_^

  15. is it available in Pakistan ?
    if yes, than where can i buy this ?

  16. @Kash, I am not sure if you can find this in Pakistan, since it is a product made in the Philippines.

  17. Dear Hollie,
    i really wanna use this Body wash ASAP.
    can you please tell me any possible way to get this here in Pakistan ???
    Any dealer who can courier me that here ???

  18. Any possible way to get this here in Pakistan ???
    Any dealer who have a courier service etc ?

  19. @Kash, I do not know any dealer who sells this online, because it is widely available in our local groceries.

    Please email me directly at
    so that I can help you further.

  20. I'm patty ..I'm so sick of finding the best body for my husband because after he take off his sando from the work the moist of it is bad.. don't know what product or what body wash he can use.. is this really effective?

  21. @monchat patty, unfortunately this body wash would be too mild for men. I suggest you try using the Dove Men Bar Soap, good luck and I hope it works.


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