BLK Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow Review

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I found another makeup gem from the drugstore. It is the BLK Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow from @blkcosmeticsph .

I got the shades called The Bomb and Gorgeous. Both have matte finishes. They also have other variants that has some sheen to it.

Been using these liquid eye shadows since last summer and I found that these are really smudge-proof and waterproof even when I played in beach and the swimming pool!

It has excellent pigmentation, so a little goes a long way. It applies smoothly, but you would have to blend it right away since it sets rather quickly, thus I prefer to use a synthetic eyeshadow brush to apply this.

 (left) The Bomb , (right) Gorgeous

In addition to that, these are very affordable at only 299 each. You can find these at Watsons or in the SM Beauty Section.

Using this liquid eyeshadows takes a bit of practice. And I find that a slightly dense synthetic brush works well since it can easily blend the product. A little goes a long way with these, so what I normally do is, I take a small dot of the product and put it on a glass surface. Then I dip my eye shadow brush from there, so I can easily control how much product to apply. It is much cleaner this way, than to put it in the back of my hand, since the liquid eyeshadow sets quickly on skin.

Have you tried this or any other liquid eyeshadow?
If so, do let me know how you like to apply it.

Until next time.


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