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Sigma Beauty is brand very known all over the world and they have been coming out with new innovative products every year and they never fail. This time they recently released another brush set which got me excited. It is the SIGMATECH Essential Set.
The set contains 8 must-have brushes! I honestly haven't been this excited about an essential set before. Most of you are probably familiar with the brand and they are known to deliver high quality brushes and have released several types of makeup brush sets before. But this time, I really do think they nailed it!

The Sigmatech Essential Set, features high technology filaments with specialized tips developed to hold and deliver cream and powder products without any absorption into the bristles. Built to last, SigmaTech™ fibers are antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and will maintain its original shape and color even after multiple washes.


    F25 - Tapered Face
    F64 - Soft Blend Concealer™
    F15 - Duo Fibre Powder/Blush
    E54 - Medium Sweeper™
    E35 - Tapered Blending
    E32 - Exact Blend™
    E45 - Small Tapered Blending
    E06 - E06 Winged Liner™

This essential set retails for only $122.00
That is a 25% Discount compared to purchasing these brushes individually.

I would highly recommend this Sigmatech Essential Set especially to those who are just starting to invest in high quality and durable makeup brushes.

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  1. I'm quite happy with my brush collection right now, but I believe this looks really amazing, specially for those who are starting their brush collections!
    Take care*

  2. Ooooh these are pretty!!! I like the duo-fiber one! :)

  3. oh nice thats a good discount compared to getting them individually. i still find sigma really expensive tho and i think thats zoevas fault hehehe. but i heard makeup artists prefer this daw over zoeva cause of the length of the brushes. ps... ssiiiisss i miss your blog na :)

    1. @Shayne, it is true though that Zoeva is so much more cheaper than Sigma, but the difference is that some of the brushes of Sigma are so much softer and denser as compared to Zoeva's. Also, I noticed that the white bristled brushes of Sigma like the E25 blends shadows much faster than than Zoeva's 227 brush.


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