Mac Pro Lip Palette in Editorial Reds Review

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Not sure if you remember but I posted about this lip palette early this year and some of you might have seen this on my Instagram posts. So, I think it's high time that you know more about the Mac Pro Lip Palette in 6 Editorial Reds.

Hey ladies, it's been a while. I really miss you guys and I know I've been slacking off my posts again. There were so many times when I almost decided to just forget about my blog and go on with my life, but I can't deny that I do enjoy writing blog posts, thus I'm still trying to make time for it. if you are on the same boat, high five! LOL.  Anyway, nuff chit chat and lets get going.

Product Info from MAC Cosmetics
Introducing some of the most popular lipsticks, conveniently packaged in a six-well palette. This platter was designed with the professional's needs in mind and is available in a red colour wave that includes bright fire engine reds to deep blood reds.

Retail Price: $40
This product is only available at MAC Pro Stores 
(got mine from a friend who went to the US)

The Pro Lip Palette also comes in Preferred Pinks, Browns and Plums. I just decided to get the Reds, since it always proved to be the most used for my gigs. If only I had a lot of moolah, I would have bought them all. LOL

The 6 Editorial Reds Pro Lip Palette comes in the following shades:
Lady Danger (Matte) / On Hold (Cremesheen)
Russian Red (Matte) / Mac Red (Satin)
Ruby Woo (Matte) / Dare You  (Cremesheen)

I was ecstatic when I found out that Russian Red and Ruby Woo were included in the palette, since they are few of the most beautiful red lipsticks around. It is also a plus, that they included different lipstick finishes since it comes in Matte, Satin (Semi-matte) and Cremesheen (high-shine) finishes. And they all give excellent color payoff. So far, among the three matte lipsticks in the palette, the shade Ruby Woo is the most drying, so you'll have to apply lip balm before application.

Lip Swatch

If you love red lipsticks, I'm sure you'll definitely love this lipstick palette. I would highly recommend this especially to fellow Makeup Artist, since it is quite handy for gigs.

Until next time.


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  1. I wanted to get the LE viva glam pro palette but I missed it! I think it's a good thing.

    Anyway, I don't know those 2 MAC red shades: On Hold and Dare You. Haha. Halatang matte and satin lang chinecheckout ko madalas :D

    1. @Rae, I only found out about those two shades when I got this palette. I fell in love with On Hold, but not as much as I love Russian Red. hahaha

  2. Ruby Woo is my fave!

    Erika //

    1. @Erika, mine's Russian Red. I just find Ruby Woo too drying. hehe

  3. They look quite nice!
    Although I have to say that as a "normal person", I rather use lipsticks in the bullet form.
    But the shades here are really pretty :o
    Take care*

  4. welcome bacccckkkk! grabe nammiss ko talaga kayo when you guys go on blog hiatus. i like three shades in this palette ruby woo, lady danger, and russian red but i prefer them in bullet form so i skipped on this. very tempting tho but i think its good for MUAs like you, i always see professionals carrying palettes of lipsticks ^^

  5. This is ridiculous! I love the entire left column but completely hate the entire right column. I'd love to see what the other palettes look like now.

    1. I have to agree with you Tellie haha! I love everything on the left too esp. Russian Red! I think this is good for MUAs, since nag eeffort pako to transfer lippies sa vueset tahiti. But now I want that Russian Red O.O

  6. Love how Russian Red looks on you. <3

  7. I'm late to this party BUT MAC DOES LIP PALETTES? AND HOLY CRAP, THIS CONTAINS TWO OF IT'S BEST SELLING REDS? ALL THIS FOR ONLY $40?? Shit, I'm impressed TBH, because it's way more cost efficient than buying two of their full sized lipsticks D: (considering one full size is 3grams, and $20 here in Canada)

    Russian Red and Dare You looks amazing on you *-*

  8. I.WANT.THIS.PALETTE. Ugh! I hope I can find someone who can buy this for me. Thanks for the heads up! :D


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