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You might be wondering, "What is Human ♥ Nature?" This is a local brand here in the Philippines that sells products which contains 100% No harmful chemicals and 100% Philippine made.  Their products are also available in the US. For more information, You can visit their website at  and also check out their Official Facebook page at

I recently went to the Human ♥ Nature Office Cebu City Branch and bought myself a few of their products.  This is not my first visit to their office, it's actually the third time and I signed up to become a Human ♥ Nature dealer about a month ago, so I just bought more stuff for my clients.

 This is their whole rack of Human ♥ Nature Products

 These are the Human ♥ Nature stuff that I got for myself...

 Sunflower Beauty Oil

Hydrating Facial Wash

Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Organic Shaving Oil

Citronella Bug Spray

This is their Cebu City office located at Galleria Fuente Bldg.

I've been using their products for almost a month and so far I'm very happy with it. I will definitely be posting detailed reviews of their products soon, so stay tuned.

This is it for now.


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  1. Can't wait for the reviews! Esp of the sunflower oil and the bug spray :D

  2. love hhn! im a dealer too, no other products are allowed in my house! hehe, love all of it esp the sunflower beauty oil. i use it on my face, lips, elbows, knees, armpits and stretch marks. it's amazing :)

  3. @Aya, thanks sis, I'm already working on it...hehehe

    @fashioneggplant, I love the sunflower beauty oil too! I already consumed about half the bottle and I'm definitely sticking with it.

  4. i use some of their products and they're very good! :)

  5. heard so many raves and good reviews about this brand!! :)

  6. That's great! I remember you mentioning them in one of your tweets.

  7. love love the hydrating wash and toner :D

  8. this is very nice. I'm planning to buy some products from them since I've been able to read some good reviews about it. their products are inexpensive too. :)

    thanks for dropping by my blog.

    have a nice day.

  9. I tagged you Hollie :)

  10. @sugar sugar, I'm glad to know that you also use their products.

    @Hazel, you should try it sis, they're really good.

    @Everyday Makeup blog, do visit their website and see if you want to try out some of their products.

    @Locke, I'm currently using the hydrating facial wash but haven't tried the toner.

    @Tessa, yeah you should try out their products.

    @Aya, oh wow! thanks sis.

  11. Never heared about this brand before, thanks for sharing:)


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