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Hey ladies! I’m back with another interesting review! I have recently been confined in the hospital for the past couple of weeks and my skin really suffered and needed some TLC. It was just perfect that the Foreo UFO Device and the Foreo UFO Activated Masks arrived in time when I got back home.
If you have read my previous post, I did talk about getting rid of my blackheads since I literally have tons of them peaking through especially on my nose area. So, this time around, I wanted to get my natural, healthy glowing skin back.

If you guys, are not familiar with FOREO, it is a Swedish high-end beauty tech company, founded in 2013. That specializes in developing beauty devices. FOREO products include: LUNA facial brushes, ISSA sonic toothbrushes, IRIS eye massager, UFO smart mask treatment devices with UFO-activated face masks, ESPADA acne treatment device, SERUM and Silicone Cleaning Spray.

So, what makes the FOREO UFO Special?
It has 5 Key Features:
●    Time saver: Instead of the usual 20-minute mask routine, UFO does it all, only better, in just 90-seconds
●    Better absorption: instantly infuses serum into the deepest layers of skin, for superior results
●    Rejuvenating skin: It locks in moisture while reducing the appearance of pores
●    Pampering effect: Provides a soothing facial massage
●    Evenly distributes mask ingredients across every area of the face (unlike the conventional sheets masks which create air pockets that reduce benefits)


So, I started using the Foreo UFO device together with the Foreo UFO Activated Masks in Glow Addict on Mornings, and then I use the Call it a Night Activated Mask in the evening, before I sleep.


The Glow Addict Mask if part of their Advanced Collection. Its key ingredient is Pearl Extract for Enhanced Brightening. This is perfect for those who have dull skin. Which is exactly the reason why I chose this mask for my morning routine.


The Call It a Night Mask is part of the Daily Duo. This is what I have been using every night. Its key ingredients are Ginseng and Olive oil for Revitalizing and Nourishing the skin. This is one is targeted for fine lines and dryness.

Each box of Foreo UFO Activated Mask contains 6 packets. So, I have been using the Foreo UFO daily for 6 days straight just to see what it really does to my skin.

After my first time using the Foreo UFO, I wanted to use it again! The T-Sonic Pulsations together with the warm temperature coming from the device is very relaxing, it made me want to do the treatment longer. The Daily Duo treatments usually take 90 seconds. For other mask variants - it varies.

This is what it looks like when I have placed the UFO Mask on top of the Foreo UFO device. You have the option to either use the UFO device manually or through the Foreo App.

If used manually, you just need to register the device first. Day and night masks treatments are already set to use on the device without the app. And to save other preferred masks from other collections to device memory you need to scan the sachet once with the app and it is saved to be also accessed outside the app.  You choose saved masks treatment modes by pressing multiple times on the device (lights up on the LED circle based on where you saved it).

If used through the App, you just need to download the Foreo App from either Google Play or the App Store and then register your device. Once you have done that, you simply scan the Barcode from the UFO Activated Mask box or sachet and it will recognize the type of Mask you will use. The Foreo App will then automatically adjust the settings and type of treatment based on your scanned mask.

What’s really cool about the Foreo App is, you can customize your power mask routine. You can choose another LED light from the spectrum (depending on device generation) or different pulsation intensity, or heating/cooling or none of it. It is accessed through the “wheel” settings feature in the app.

The shape of the sheet mask is uniquely developed to perfectly fit on the UFO device. So, you might ask if you can use the UFO without the mask or with sheet masks? This is not recommended as the masks are specifically designed in mind to be used with the UFO device to improve their effectiveness. Foreo cannot guarantee the effect with other masks.
Another thing to note is, there is no need for you to wash your face after using the UFO. Hyper-Infusion Technology is specifically engineered to help mask essence absorb deeper into the skin, faster.

What I like about the Foreo UFO…
-    Really fun and easy to use, I honestly think the Foreo App is awesome
-    It saves me so much time, since it takes less than 2 minutes to finish a treatment
-    I enjoy the cryotherapy and thermotherapy, it is the cooling and warming feeling of the metal slate
-    I also noticed the fast absorption of the masks onto my skin when compared to a regular sheet mask
-    I get to experience professional treatment at home for a fraction of the price
-    The UFO device itself is easy to store since it is not bulky at all, it easily fits the palm of my hands
-    Very easy to clean as well, since I just clean it over running water, then wipe it dry
-    I also noticed that a full 2-hour charge of the device will last several uses. Been using it for 3 weeks now and I still have not charged it again
-    Easily accessible and available online

What I don’t like…

-    It can be pricey considering the number of times I will need to repurchase the UFO Activated Masks if I do decide to use it regularly, on a daily basis

My rating: 5 out 5 

Where to Purchase?

Apart from their official website. You can buy these at SephorPH


Since I have used the Glow Addict UFO Mask, my skin has really improved. It looks naturally glowing and radiant. Also, I noticed the difference after the 5th day of use.

Overall, I am quite happy with the results of the UFO device together with the UFO Activated Masks. I really do think this revolutionary device is effective since it gave me the results I wanted, based on my masks of choice. I have yet to try the other variants, but I will surely share with you my thoughts about them on a separate post.

For more information. You can visit their Social Media sites

I hope my thoughts and experience has helped you. Do let me know if you have tried any product from Foreo, would love to know your thoughts.

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