theBalm Cosmetics Blush Review and Swatches

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After sooo long of having these pretty blushes in my stash, I finally had time to take photos and swatches of my favorite cheek products from theBalm Cosmetics.

I've had these for a couple of years now and it still remains to be my favorite blush and bronzer to date. So, it's high time you find out why.

To those who are not aware, theBalm Cosmetics is a mid-range brand that carries a complete line of makeup, skin care, hair care and nail polish. All their products are cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Apart from the really eye-catching and beautiful packaging, what made me fell in love with theBalm Blushes is their formula and pigmentation. I've tried a lot of blushes from other brands but I always keep coming back to these products.

What I like about it...
* affordable, costs around Php900 per blush
* available at Beauty Bar and
* really attractive designs for their packaging
* comes in a magnetic, lightweight cardboard material with mirror
* has a super smooth and fine texture which makes it very easy to blend
* has excellent color payoff so a little amount of product goes a long way
* can be used either as an eye shadow or blush
* stays long on my face, around 5 hours before it starts to fade
* unscented, at least none that I noticed
* no irritation or allergies experienced

What I don't like...
* it has fall outs but nothing too crazy

My rating: 5 out of 5

theBalm Bahama Mama is a matte bronzer that does not have any orange undertones. It also doubles as a perfect contour powder, neutral brow-filler and matte brown eyeshadow. I personally enjoy using this as a contour powder since it looks great on my NC35 skin tone. Nothing too warm and it does not look muddy on me.

  theBalm Bahama Mama Swatch

theBalm Hot Mama is one of my favorite blush to date. It can be used as an eye shadow, blush and subtle highlighter. It has a pinky-peach hue with golden undertones that looks beautiful on a wide range of skin tones. I normally skip using a separate highlighter every time I use this since it gives off a pretty glow on my skin.

Both the Bahama Mama and Hot Mama have the same size and the same price. These two are a tad bit smaller, containing around 7 grams of product which is why they cost a little less compared to the other blushers.

theBalm CabanaBoy is a dusty-rose blush which I love to wear at night time. Its subtle shimmer catches the eye while plum undertones provide a glow that is oh-so-natural.

theBalm FratBoy is my all time favorite blush. It is also my most used blush among the three. This matte peachy-pink shade just gives the right flush on my cheeks making it perfect for everyday use.

Both CabanaBoy and FratBoy have the same size and price as well. It costs a little higher than the Bahama Mama and the Hot Mama since it contains about 8 grams of product. There is also DownBoy, however I didn't buy it cause it comes in a baby pink shade which does not suite my skin tone.

CabanaBoy, FratBoy and Hot Mama Swatches

Here are the swatches of the three blushes side by side, so you ladies can see the difference. If you notice all of them are pretty and very wearable.

These are my favorite products from theBalm Cosmetics and I highly recommend them. I swear you wont' regret it.

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