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It's been a while since I posted a perfume round up. Just really wanted to share with you what my current perfume choices are for this year. I don't wear them for a specific season, I simply rotate them depending on my mood. And yes, I do wear perfume everyday...hehe

I am a fan of light scented fragrances. Normally, my perfume choices have fresh, citrus, floral and a hint of fruity notes. I'm always drawn this kind of scents, so basically others would refer to them as summer fragrances. However, I use them all year long. hahaha

I've posted some perfume empties before, you can check it out HERE. However, I haven't had the chance to post all of my perfume empties though. I really wanted to, so you'll have an idea on what perfumes and fragrances I've tried before. I used to just stick with Clinique Happy and repurchased the same scent over and over, until I finally decided to try other brands. I then became hooked with trying out new fragrances every time I ran out of perfume.

I'll start from left to right based on the photo above.

First is the DKNY Be Delicious (original). This is a bright, fresh and energetic fragrance. The top features green notes, violet leaf, apple, grapefruit and magnolia. You can read my full review HERE. I really like that this lasts the whole day on me.

Next is the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Kiss. I got this as my birthday present last April 2016 from my Husband. I'm actually surprised that I fell in love with the scent so much, that I wore it straight for the whole month. It's a very refreshing scent that is perfect for summer. It's a feminine fragrance composed of pink floral petals, mint leaves and osmanthus. The only downside to this scent is the longevity. Only lasts 4 to 5 hours on me.

Then there's the Tory Burch, The First Fragrance. This is her first perfume, launched along with a make-up line last September 2013. Top notes are grapefruit, pink pepper, currant buds and leaves, mandarin and neroli. The middle notes blooms with peony, tuberose, mimosa, jasmine, carrot seed and sweet alyssum, on a base composed of vetiver, cedar, sandalwood and white musk. It's a really light scent that I like to wear on chill days (days that I have no work, no errands, and just hang out with friends over coffee...hahaha). I got this last 2015 when they launched here in Cebu. You can check my post about the Tory Burch beauty and fragrance collection HERE. This lasts for only 5 hours on me.

Followed by Versace Yellow Diamond. I first got a whiff of this scent from one of my Besties. I asked her what she was wearing, and I was sold. I always get compliments every single time I wear this scent (seriously, for reals, no BS). Some of my friends even remembers the scent the next time I see them. The top notes, opens with luminous freshness of lemon, bergamot, neroli and pear sorbet. The middle notes features airy orange blossom, freesia, mimosa and water lily. The base notes are made of amber, precious musk and guaiac wood. This is actually my favourite scent among the bunch. In addition to that, the longevity is superb. It actually lasts the whole day on me and sometimes for a couple of days especially on my clothes.

Lastly, it's the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. I've been so curious about the Daisy fragrance for some time because of the really cute perfume bottle. Plus, I keep seeing it on my fellow beauty blogger's photos on Instagram. So, I finally tested the scents in the perfume counter and fell in love with the Daisy Eau So Fresh variant. It is a whole lot milder than the original Marc Jacobs Daisy and it's my first perfume that has more of the sweet floral notes on it. Top notes are grapefruit, green notes, raspberry and pear; middle notes are jasmine, rose, violet, lychee and apple blossom; base notes are musk, virginia cedar and plum. I normally wear this scent on Sundays, because it's so feminine and elegant, perfect for going to church...hehe

I would be delighted if you ladies share with me your favourite fragrances.

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Until next time.


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  1. I *think* I might have that VS fragrance....L O L. (And if I do, then I remember not caring for it since it was too feminine for me) I really like the way Clinique Happy smells, but it actually smells really bad on me! I wanted to make it work since I love citrus fragrances, but oh well.

    I feel like I should actually wear my perfumes on a daily basis since I never use them, but current favourites are NEST's Dahlia and Vines, and Elizabeth and James' Nirvana White

  2. I love your selection! My current favorite is Marc Jacobs Daisy, but I smelled Versace Yellow Diamond Intense last week at the mall and I wanna get it! So bango ☺

  3. I'm into musk and amber. Woodsey sometimes sweet and citrusy :) For me it's either sharp, fresh and crip for day and musk for night :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog


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