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I have been trying to finish up my existing Makeup and Skin Care products, and I'm just glad that I actually emptied out a lot of bottles and finished up some makeup. These are products that I have already repurchased before and so I'm ready to share what I thought about them.

Makeup Empties

That white tube lip balm is one of my favorite lip balms. It is the Mentholatum Lip Ice Lip Balm with SPF 15 in Black Currant. It is my most used lip balm because I prefer the light minty feel on my lips. I actually already reviewed this together with the rest of the lip balms I've tried. You can read the full review HERE.

The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow pencil. If you follow me on Instagram you'd know how much I adore brow pencils from The Face Shop. This is my favorite brow pencil to date and it's affordable for only Php225 pesos. I just love how smooth this glides on my brows and it's very easy to blend. I worked in an air conditioned environment so this stuff last at least 6 to 8 hours on me. The tail end of my brows usually disappears after 5 hours of wear time.

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay gel pencil eyeliner in Chic Brown. This was my favorite everyday eyeliner, and it could have been my HG eyeliner if only it didn't have a little bit of glitter in it. This stuff doesn't budge or smudge and it stays all day long. My only issue is the glitter, I feel like it sometimes make my upper lash line itchy. Read the full review HERE.

Body Care Empties

I am sure you are curious about the Lay Bare Ultimate Lightening Gel. I discovered this when I first started having my underarms waxed at Lay Bare. I have dark underarms and this tiny bottle really helped lighten it. It just feels really light, does not sting, unscented and not sticky at all. The only problem is that this tiny bottle costs Php750 pesos which will only lasts me up to two months since I use it day and night.

Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist. I have been curious about this hair mist for the longest time until I caved and got it. And I am in love with this hair product! It's very convenient and easy to use and it comes in a spray bottle. It makes my hair feel so soft and smooth. It takes care of my frizz right away while making my hair smell so good. Though I find it a bit pricey at Php328 pesos for only 120ml worth of product. If it was bigger it would have been awesome.

Skin Care Empties

Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer. I have repurchased this moisturizer countless times. I just like how light and mild it feels on my skin. It really hydrates without making my face greasy and it is super affordable. I've been using this moisturizer since 2011.

Biore Micellar Cleansing Water. I have always been a fan of water based makeup removers ever since I discovered Bioderma from Lisa Eldridge several years ago. Since it was pricey, my hunt for a cheaper alternative has been ongoing. I purchased this Biore bottle when I ran out of my Bifesta. The Biore Micellar Cleansing Water is practically similar to the Bifesta Bright Up variant, the only difference is that the Biore one stings my eyes a bit than the Bifesta does but definitely removes all my waterproof eye makeup. This only costs Php189 pesos for a 90ml bottle.

Glam Skin Papaya Bearberry Toner. I have already featured this product in my previous post about my go to products for glowing skin and a lot of you got curious about it. First of all Glam Skin a local skin care brand here in Cebu City that is focused on Organic soaps and Organic Skin care products. For now, I only use this toner every other day on my face before bedtime, but I use it every day and night on my neck area to focus on lightening it. This toner claims to deeply cleanse, lighten skin, removes dead skin cells, improves skin tone, and provides a vibrant complexion. So far, those claims are proving to be true and also I really like the fact that this toner does not sting at all. And it only cost Php195 pesos.

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face Cover 45. This has been my favorite everyday Sunscreen for the past two years. I really like that it doesn't sting my face at all unlike all other sunscreens I've tried before. This also serves as my face base for makeup as well. I noticed that I stopped getting sun spots ever since I started using this sunscreen so that really proves it works. Bought it for Php1000 pesos.

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70. This is the sunscreen I use when it is really hot and when I know I am going be under the sun a lot. Works great and definitely prevents sun burn. I got this small tube together with the VMV Hypoallergenics Vacation Kit.

Phew that was a mouthful! I definitely tried to make this post as short as possible. hehe

Until next time.


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  1. If you haven't yet, you need to try the Biore Oil Cleanser. SO GOOD.

    CJ | From Manila with Love: Beauty, Life & Feminism

    1. @CJ I might give that a try in the future, when I run out of my oil based makeup removers. hehe

  2. That Etude House spray looks like something I would enjoy...
    I have yet to try out the brow pencil from The Face Shop, usually I tend to use my Etude House brow pencils, which so far haven't disappointed me ( I'm also intro trying out Archery from Soap&Glory )

    Bioré looks like a really nice brand. I own a SPF from them and it's my favourite :3
    Take care*

    1. @Diana, I've have tried using the Etude House brow pencils before but when I tried the ones from The Face Shop, it was love at first use. Also yes please do try the Etude House Silk Scarf, its awesome!

  3. omg Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay has brown shade pala :3 i have it in black with glitters din and i share the same exact opinion on this, HG na sana if wala ung glitters. i hope theyll release plain black and brown. although i still might get the brown one kasi hindi masyado halata yung glitters naman ^^ and speaking of biore i heard that their facial masks daw are super nice - gamit lagi ni shay mitchell from PLL - have you tried those sis?

  4. @Shayne, Yes, the Happy Skin eyeliner is awesome too bad it has glitters. This makeup remover is the only product I've tried from Biore. No idea about their other products

  5. The Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen is my favorite. No oily feeling, very light and no white cast. Try the Cure Aqua gel too as an exfoliator, lightens my blemishes and leaves my skin smooth and supple.

    1. @Maita, I have been planning to get the Watery Essence Sunscreen for a while now. I'm just trying to use up what I currently have in my stash. I've heard great things about the CURE aqua gel, I might try that in the future.


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