Mini Haul from my Weekend in Manila

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It is this kind of day where I wish, I had more free time on my hands. Do nothing and just sit quietly in front of my computer making blog posts. (wishful thinking) I've been slacking off again. So, I'll be posting a short one today and it's a very late post too. Oh well.

You ladies, especially those who follow me on Instagram already knew that I went for a short trip to Manila last August. I just visited SM North Edsa and Trinoma since it was very close to where we stayed. Thought I'd show you what I got. hehe

I'm a fan of perfumes too, light scents to be exact. Hubby spotted a perfume sale in SM North and remembered how I've been wanting to buy LANVIN ECLAT!  So he bought it for me, Yay! He also bought me the REGATTA LEISURE perfume coz he liked the scent, so glad I like it too.

Of course my visit won't be complete without stepping inside Watson's. LOL I was ecstatic to see that they already have CATRICE cosmetics there. So, I snagged a blush and an eye pencil. Also got a mascara from ESSENCE just cause I was curious. The sales lady told me that variant always get sold out very quickly. I also, bought the CELETEQUE Brightening Toner and Facial Wash cause I've been wanting to try these for a while but it is always out of stock in Watson's Ayala Cebu.

I bought some basic footwear at SM North. I got the Montego Bay Sandals from Payless, Flipflops from Olympic Village, and Sneakers from SANUK cause it was on sale too. hehe

I also joined the BDJ Power Planner Event (BDJ Unstoppable) while I was at SM North. Unfortunately, I felt like my 4 hours was a total waste of my precious time because I didn't enjoy the said event at all. I'm never joining any event in Manila ever again especially if my stay is very short. Unless, if it's an invite by a brand or company, I might think about it. (lesson learned)

I also went to Trinoma so that I could checkout the brushes at Landmark. LOL I just bought small brushes since it is what I needed in my kit. I also bought some of their false eyelashes and a couple of tiny, empty jars.

I will be back in Manila again this coming October 27, 2014 so I'd love to meetup with fellow beauty bloggers if anyone is interested. hehe

Until next time.


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  1. You already mentioned it, but I'm really sad that you didn't enjoy the event :( Anyway, you have good purchases, they're super essential stuff! Have you tried Celeteque online? I feel like they'd be more stocked up than Watsons in Cebu..

  2. @Tellie, I thought of buying through their online store, but then I'd have to pay for shipping. So, I didn't proceed with it nalang. hehe

  3. Soo many good things <3 Seriously, that eye pencil from catrice is amazing for the waterline!! <3
    Take care*

  4. I never heard of Catrice cosmetics, please do a review on the eyeliner :)
    Magkano po ang bili nyo dun sa travel brush set ??

    1. @Sharleen, Catrice is a drugstore brand popular in Germany. I first got some of their products a couple of years ago when my father-in-law went to Germany. The tiny brush set was only 299 ^_^

  5. I would love to meet you! I was at the BDJ Event too but only until 2pm ata. Mas masaya yung BDJ Social sa Aura because there are a lot of brands, and bloggers. :)

    1. @Juvy oh really? sayang I didn't saw you. I really wished I didn't finish the whole event. I regretted it a lot talaga!

  6. @Diana, I must have gotten a bad batch, coz it is sooo dry and sooo flakey to apply.

  7. Looks like a good haul! ^^

  8. Hey you´ve a great blog!
    Please check out mine and if you want we can follow each other
    here on bloglovin and via GFC?
    Let me know, now it´s your turn.

  9. grabe sayang, i would've love to meet you sis! i should really expand my area of gala. im really not familiar with the north kasi :S and im so inggit with the watsons sa north, here in the south we dont have catrice, bioderma, its skin -- brands that other bloggers saw na in watsons north.
    btw what happened sa event? why didnt you enjoy it? curious lang cause i've never been to one :)

    1. @Shayne, cge lng sis, there's always next time. As much as I want to go back to SM North, I don't think I can na, coz we'll be staying sa Bayview Hotel na this October, masyadong malayo na talaga... And about the event, they invited women speakers who showed their story on how they became successful and unstoppable. Yes, they were inspiring, but I found the whole thing really boring. They had games too, but still kinda boring. Part of the reason I was super bored, coz I didn't know anyone there.... and honestly I felt like I joined a 4-hour event for a pair of Pantene products which they had on their so called loot bag. boohoo

    2. bayview hotel - is that in MOA? aw shucks that was the only content of the loot bag? i understand that scenario, its also the reason why i dont go to events yet. im socially awkward and shy kasi in person lol.


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