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I have been a freelance hair and makeup artist for the past 2 years and I just felt like updating some of my current tools, especially the hair tools. So, here's just a few things that I bought recently.

Tools Haul

Jemma Kidd Pro Brush Belt
First up is a medium sized Jemma Kidd Prod Brush Belt which I bought online. I found this at for a reasonable price and just couldn't pass it up. This is my first makeup brush belt and I have a good feeling that this will be very useful especially during makeup gigs.

12-pc Generic Makeup Brush Set with leather case
The 12-pc brush set is a replica or imitation of the Sigma's travel kits. I bought this from a Hong Kong seller through a friend who was coming back here in Cebu. So, I saved on shipping since this was hand-carried. This brush set is very affordable, unfortunately it is a big let down. I didn't like the brushes at all so I am re-selling this set at my blog sale page HERE.

Remington Anti-Static Ceramic Flat Iron
I have been wanting to try the Remington Anti-Static Ceramic Flat Iron since last year but, I just couldn't find someone to help me with the purchase. Good thing my sister-in-law's sister came home last May and hand-carried this for me. I ordered my hair tools at and had it shipped to her sister's US home address. I am so excited to try this out since I've read good reviews about it.

Conair Travel Smart 25mm Ceramic Curling Iron
I really needed a 1-inch barrel Ceramic Curling Iron since the one I have been using is only a 3/4 size barrel. If you don't know the difference, the smaller the barrel size of the curling iron, the tighter the curls. Though I also wanted a 1 1/4 inch barrel, I decided that a 1-inch barrel curling iron would be best for most of my gigs. I also bought this at together with the Remington Ceramic Flat Iron.

Until next time.


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  1. Someday, I'll be a pro makeup artist too.. lol.

  2. Thanks for sharing. This is a cool haul. I like the tool belt - need one actually. And the brushes look beautiful.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  3. there are only few options for curling and straightening irons here in PH, either you see the really cheap ones, or the really expensive ones. walang gitna kakalungkot or baka sa maling lugar lang ako naghahanap ^^

  4. Why didn't you like the brushes? :)

    1. @CJ I just didn't like the feel of the other brushes, I mean they are soft but I wanted it to be a bit more dense.

  5. been looking for an affordable but high quality curling iron..

  6. @Shayne and @Anne you can search it on I found a trusted seller there who sells Conair curling irons with different sizes at a very affordable price. I think the seller's name is shopeverythinge-style.

  7. ohhh i need a 1 in. curling iron!! love that this one is travel.. because i'm going on some trips soon.. going to see if i can find this conair one!! i love conair products ;)!

  8. That brush set looks nice especially the holder. Sad that the quality let you down.

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  10. Hi Hollie! I just adore how that brush set looks like Sigma's travel tools! :)May you share with me where you got it? So sad to hear about the quality though :(

    "Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen"

    1. @Mar, sorry, we couldn't find the seller's link. I don't know why it won't show anymore. My friend bought it on but the seller was Hong Kong based.


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