Tasty Thursdays: Ham and Chili Cheese Sticks

3:39:00 PM

I recently tried eating at a new restaurant that opened near the office building where I worked.  For curiosity sakes, I just went in and ordered one of their combo meals. It was Ham and Chili Cheese Stick meal with rice.  While I took a bite, I stared at what was inside and realized that it was pretty easy to do.

When I got home from work, I immediately checked our fridge for available ingredients and luckily I did. This is something that is pretty easy to do. The ingredients are something we could consider staples.

Ingredients are...
* Lumpia Wrapper
* Ham (I used the Sunpride Smoked Ham)
* Cheese (I used Eden Cheese)
* Green Bell Pepper

All I did was sliced the Ham, Cheese, and Green Bell Pepper into long strips. I then placed all three ingredients at the center of the Lumpia Wrapper and wrapped it. Lastly, I just fried the sticks using vegetable oil. That is it, I was done in 15 minutes.

This is one of the easiest dishes I've ever done. Do let me know if you've tried this.

Until next time.


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  1. yummeh~ :d

  2. Mmmmmmm...I love green peppers.



  3. my lola back in the province always makes us cheese sticks minus d green pepper n ham...hihihi...

    am a cheese addict and so yes, its definitely good

  4. Wow I have to try this, it's so easy :D I've only had cheese sticks with just cheese, walang ham and other stuff :)

  5. agree with aya, i only tried making cheesesticks just with cheese lang! haha this seems like a good dish to serve during christmas ;D


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