Sunburned at Medellin Cebu

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We finally had our long overdue summer vacation! It was my mother-in-law's family reunion at Medellin Cebu, that's why we had the chance visit her hometown.  Medellin is located at the northern part of Cebu. It's a 3-hour ride by bus from Cebu City.  The place is known for their sugarcane plantations.

This is one of the sugarcane plantations we passed by and there was an old tractor in the middle of the field.

This is an old Train which was used on one of the sugarcane plantations 50 years ago.  
They repainted and moved the old train to the town park.

We went to Hide Away Beach Resort

This photo was taken on our way to the exclusive cottage
which the family rented for the day.  

With my little boy at the beach. Now we're sunburned! LOL

My first time trying out the Zipline! It was fun!

With hubby at Zip Away

It was a fun 2-day family vacation at Medellin Cebu.  I'd definitely go back there and try out other fun places which are perfect for summer.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun Hollie! Can't wait for my Baler trip this June tuloy! :D

  2. di naman mashado sis! loved the bonding!

  3. wow, seems like you had fun. I enjoyed this post :) xx

  4. I also have relatives in Medellin,Cebu. The place is a peaceful place where you can really unwind. My family went to hideaway last Nov.,I wasnt able to go with them bec. of work. But seeing your photos and their photos looks like you really enjoyed the place. I want to go there too.

  5. looks like you had a lot of fun, the weather there looks awesome and I totally miss going to a beach!!

  6. great place :D u and ur hubby look alike, and ur son is cute hehe,pag magkamuka daw nagkakatuloyan ;) im missing out of towns and beaching :))


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