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1:59:00 PM

During Mother's Day, I received a lot of Presents from my family and friends.  So, I just thought it would be nice to share this.

Yeepee more free stuff for me  ^_^

Nautica Wrist Watch from Hubby
Hubby also bought me the MAC brush cleaner and MAC slim mirror

The Clinique Happy Parfum and Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Pink Chiffon
 are from my Mom-in-Law who just got back from US. She knows how much I love Clinique Happy.  I thinks that's probably my 5th bottle. hehe

My friend and colleague from work, gave me this beautiful handmade card.
She's also a blogger, not a beauty blogger but a crafts blogger.

You can see more of her work on The Crafter's Reference blog.  She makes amazing cards and exploding boxes.  I've been asking her to make cards for me since last year.  I just find it better to give personalized and unique cards, so that the person you are giving it to, won't even think about throwing it away... Just kidding LOL!

My whole family including my parents and siblings together with mom-in-law, went out to lunch at Laguna Garden Cafe located in Ayala Terraces.  It was a really fun Mother's Day. My younger brother gave me a long stem white rose while my older brother and his wife gave us (moms) mini chocolate cupcakes.

Until next time.


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  1. Love the watch! I would like a white watch in my collection too~

  2. Happy birthday, Hollie dear! :) *huggies*

    Yey for Clinique Happy!

  3. Hi Hollie! Thanks for following my blog :) I'm following you now :) Btw, I love your banner! Si Yuna ba yun?Cute!~


  4. cool post :)

    visit my blog?
    and if you like it, feel free to click the follow button pretty! hihi :)


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