REVIEW: Wet N Wild Liquid Layers layered lip gloss in Kandi Korn

9:46:00 PM

(sorry didn't find any product info)

Retails for only Php 52.00 at

Here's another one of my ebay finds. Wet n Wild is really coming up with great stuff. It was totally unexpected, but this lip gloss really impressed me.


top swatch photo taken when first applied
bottom swatch photo taken after 30 minutes

What I like about it...
* inexpensive
* Really nice layered colors (yellow, orange, baby pink)
* smells like cotton candy
* tastes like cotton candy
* very pigmented
* it's not sticky at all like most lip glosses are
* the color becomes darker after a few minutes
* stays longer, lasted for more than 4 hours on my lips even when eating or drinking
* really moisturizing, doesn't dry out my lips
* didn't experience any allergies / irritation

What I don't like...
* absolutely nothing!

My rating: 5 / 5

I'd definitely recommend this to you ladies, it's a good product to add in your makeup bag. I'd love to repurchase this but I still have a couple more lip glosses to finish.

This is it for now.


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  1. Ooh yey. Gotta remember this one for my next WNW eBay haul. Hehehe

  2. @Aya, also look for the Shimmery Pink variant, it looks promising. It might smell and taste yummy too.

  3. LOOOOVE the layers! :) It's so cute in the packaging! :D It looks good on your lips too! :)

  4. @Michelle, thanks twitter BFF...hahaha! It looked like I ate cotton candy, love it as well.

  5. Good thing wet and wild is back. There lip gloss is very nice ever since. And yes, you are correct gurl it really smell yummy and taste too.

  6. Lovely color! Thanks for this review...xoxo

  7. at 52 pesos only! woww! cute color too! and it's rare that i encounter lipglossies without the sticky eckky feeling, so yeah... this one's nice!

  8. @sweethesia, thanks gurl.

    @Lala Makeup, You're welcome and thanks for visiting.

    @Hazel, so true that we rarely come across lip glosses that doesn't feel sticky..hehe

  9. the layers look interesting and the color itself is perfect for summer! :)

    btw, i previously made a post on the stylish blogger award. please refer to this post - thank you for awarding me again! i am flattered. x)

  10. @sugar, Thank you. It's my pleasure.


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