My Fave: Clinique Happy Heart!

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Clinique Happy Heart is my absolute favorite perfume ever! I have been using Clinique Happy (original scent) since 2006 and started using Clinique Happy Heart in 2008. I absolutely love both variants. I can't remember how many times I've repurchased both Clinique Happy and Clinique Happy Heart over the years.

Its fragrance is just so mild, feminine and very elegant.  It stays long and actually lasts through out the day without having to add a few more spritz.  The 100 ml size bottle could last up to 6 months for me, depending on usage.

My brother gave me this Clinique Happy perfume as a gift last Christmas 2010.  It was perfect because I already ran out of perfumes to use. I thought he knew it was my favorite, but he didn't have a clue, it was his fiance who chose this for me.  I couldn't stop smiling when I opened it. (thanks kuya)

This has actually become my signature scent and I have no plans of switching.  On days that I don't wear Clinique Happy, I use local perfume from Scents and Blends specifically "White Ginger" love it!

How bout you ladies, do you have a signature scent?

 This is it for now.


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  1. I like the Adidas Fruity Rythm or Victoria's Secret Pink body splashes. After I run out of both, I think I'm ready to invest in a good brand perfume. I might give this a sniff and see if I like it. :)

  2. Mine's Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue. :D That's the only perfume I keep buying back again and again. hahahah!:D

  3. @Michelle, I'll check out Adidas Fruity Rythm, I didn't know Adidas had scents for women. Yeah, try to check out clinique happy you might like it. I think the 100 ml bottle retails around Php 3,600 here I'm not entirely sure though.

    @Sugar sugar, I've tried D&G Light Blue before, I did like the scent but I still opt for Clinique

  4. my mom recently bought me elizabeth arden green tea perfume.. and i'm loving it. though i've smelled it before already, it was only now that i have a bottle of my own HAHA. and victoria secret perfumes also are staple in my table ;)

  5. @Hazel, hmm that sounds delicious! most green tea fragrances are really good and appealing. I've tried a few Green tea fumes from various brands and most of the time they smell awesome!

  6. Mine is D&G Light Blue and Versace Red Jeans and Boss black By Hugo Boss. I know that's a men perfume but I love it! Hehe

  7. @Chicgurl, I like D&G Light blue as well. My husband loves Hugo Boss, but I can't remember which variant it was...hehe


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