Makeup Gifts!

10:56:00 PM

I was all giddy and happy when I received these gifts from a friend who recently arrived from Florida USA. (Thanks Loien! luv ya!). I also received a couple of chocolates but I forgot to take the photos, I already ate She also wanted to give me an elf Beauty Encyclopedia, too bad it was out of stock at Targets and Walgreens when she looked for it. huhu... But oh well, I'm very grateful that she gave me "Pasalubong".

She gave me Maybelline Falsies Mascara, Wet n' Wild coloricon trio palette in Knock on Wood and a Revlon Illuminance Cream eyeshadow in Precious Metals.

I will definitely be using all of these so stay tunned for the swatches and reviews.

This is it for now.


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  1. Ahhh so jealous! Those three are amazing! :)

  2. I've always wanted one of those Revlon palettes!!

  3. great pasalubong! :) FOTD using your new makeup please. x)

  4. had the revlon palette it's good as a base for e/s to stick on ... :)

  5. @Elaine, thanks, I love all of them.

    @Michelle, you can buy the Revlon Illuminance cream palettes at, check out Meg's shop

    @Sugar sugar, sure, I'll post an FOTD on using these.

    @Debi, Yes I agree. They're really nice base, but I've tried wearing them alone it lasts long. I love it.

  6. Lucky you! the wet n' wild palette looks so nice i'd probably check it out here:-)

  7. @Minakichu, yeah, they're awesome. you should try it.

  8. Oh how I wish I have a friend who'll give me MU's for pasalubong!!!

  9. @Ayieh, hahaha. It feels great to have makeup freebies...hehehe. I hope she gives me another MU when she comes back next year.

  10. Guess I should you bring you more when i go back in December. Let's keep those posts coming 'cause I need some pampering myself. Take care! You are most welcome.

  11. @Loien, Yay! more MUs...hehe

  12. Pril, tried EB dip liner? nice au.. :) its waterproof and smudgeproof! as in.. truelily jud.. hehe.. nice one and i'm actually using it right now.. its expensive though for an eye liner but worth it. :)


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