Watch in Box !?!

8:56:00 AM

I'm so excited to share with you what I got last weekend!

Last Friday (Jan. 21), I was about to end my shift at 3:00PM my hubby suddenly texted me to come home as soon as possible without telling me what the reason was. I honestly thought it was something urgent or maybe we were going to buy some groceries. But when I got home I asked him what was wrong. He replied, "nothing" I just wanted to you come early. Ugh! I was pissed because I really was hurrying home.

So I went straight to our bedroom to change clothes.  When I finished, I simply cleaned the room, picked up some used shirts and placed it on the laundry basket.  I was about to go down stairs but I noticed that there was a black box sitting on top of my hubby's stack of law books. Beneath it was a note on a white piece of paper addressed to me. (sorry can't share with you what the note said...hehe)

To my surprise, it was my hubby's belated Christmas present for me! I was so happy that I really jumped and hugged him so tight (plus smooches, lol). That was so sweet of him... I received a lot of presents from my friends and family last Christmas that I completely forgot, he didn't get me anything for

Without further adieu, Here it is! an XOXO Women's XO114 Rhinestone Accent White Enamel Bracelet Watch that he bought from a friend Doctor who just arrived from the US.

I know that this doesn't cost much, but I really appreciate what my husband did for me. It feels like an early Valentine's gift! It's definitely the thought that counts.  (hugs and kisses to my hubby!)

How about you, have you received any sweet gestures from your partner recently? I would love to hear your experiences as well.

This is it for now.


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  1. your hubby is so sweet!!the color is definitely nice.. love the rhinestone details

  2. @donnarence, yes he is..hehe. I love the color as well, I had a white wrist watch before, it was tommy hilfiger , it had white leather straps and swarovski crystals. too bad though, it was one of my watch collection that got caught on fire. huhu

  3. The watch is really nice and so simple yet feminine. I like how the rhinestones add a stylish touch. :)

  4. Amazing... i love being surprised! :) Im kilig for you!

    And that watch looks really nice. I want one! :)

  5. That's so cute!! Your hubby's the sweetest!

  6. awwwww! so sweet! surprises are the best thing ever!

    <3 hazel

  7. aww your hubby is so sweet! you're a lucky girl and the watch is really pretty. :3

  8. @Pammy, @herroyalbleakness, @Michelle, @Hazel & @sugar sugar

    Thank you ladies,
    I'm really glad that my hubby still makes surprises for me, it's really touching.
    I really love the white color and rhinestone details, it looks very elegant yet stylish at the same time.

  9. he's so sweet! that watch is so cute :)

  10. @Janel, thanks. I though so too.

  11. Oh my!!! He's the sweetest!!! Hoping that the hubby will get to read this post so he'll have an idea of what to give me this Valentine's...

  12. @ayieh, I hope your hubby gives you something much better...hehe

  13. what an elegant-looking watch!!! :D

  14. hi...this watch is dsame watch that I received from my boyfriend as a present in my 18th so cool .. :) I do love it...cause it's a gift from sam1 spexal.. :)


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