NEW Lounge Announces First International Branch to Open in Los Angeles, California

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Manila, Philippines. As they continue their game changing story in the Philippines, NEW Lounge is opening a new chapter as everyone's ultimate beauty companion. Get ready for another revolutionary milestone. They are landing in Los Angeles, California. 

NEW Lounge, the homegrown beauty and wellness brand known for its premium eyelash and nail services in the country, is thrilled to announce their expansion to the United States. With its remarkable reputation as the leading beauty innovator and trendsetter in the industry, the company moves forward to introducing their services and products to a wider market across the globe that will showcase the art and science of Filipino beauty technology. 

NEW Lounge is called the Philippines’ beauty game changer for a reason. With its dedication to precision and distinct lash and nail designs, the brand has made its way to take the number one spot in the local beauty industry. This remarkable journey allowed NEW Lounge to take on new heights and expand their Lash Doll universe to Los Angeles, California. Fueled by their passion for accentuating individual beauty, the company saw this location as strategic and significant to the global beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. The esteemed relevance of Los Angeles, combined with NEW Lounge’s trailblazing services, offers a redefinition of beauty and wellness that every LA Lash Doll will definitely appreciate. 

Proud to be a locally-founded brand, NEW Lounge also sets to represent the Filipino beauty scene in their first international destination by carrying every Filipina Lash Doll’s story. With over 30,000 clients serviced in 20 branches across the Philippines, the company is dedicated to extending their eyelash and nail services to LA Lash Dolls. Additionally, aside from the brand’s 7 signature lash designs, NEW Lounge US will showcase Los Angeles exclusive offerings that everyone should watch out for. 
True enough, the first international branch of NEW Lounge in Los Angeles is the culmination of passion, heart, and love for all genders and their beauty milestones. This new journey aims to champion the local beauty industry and Filipinos’ love and support to NEW Lounge.

NEW Lounge is yet to announce the full address of their LA branch. For the meantime, Lash Dolls can anticipate exciting news and latest drops about this expansion through NEW Lounge US’ Instagram page and website

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