Top 5 Stylish Womens Sweaters Over 40

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Winter is upon us, and there are so many styles and trends out there that it can be hard to know what will work for your age range. What looks amazing on a college student won't always be flattering or appropriate for an older woman with kids.  

Read ahead to learn about the top 5 sweaters that are perfect for women over 40

 V-Neck Sweater  

If you are looking for the perfect wholesale sweater this winter, look no further than a classic solid-colored v-neck. The shape will elongate your body rather than cut you off at the neck. It will draw attention to your decolletage, so a dainty necklace is a classic way to accentuate your look without being too busy.

Round-Neck Sweater

If you like to wear statement jewelry and prefer to draw attention to your earrings, a round-neck sweater is a perfect choice for a woman over 40. Because there is more coverage, you can choose a bolder pattern or even keep it solid to keep the attention on your earrings.  

Long Cardigan

The long cardigan is an essential piece to any woman's wardrobe, whether she is over 40 or just turning 20. Laying is perfect for winter since you'll be traveling in and out of heated buildings and might need to shed layers throughout the day. 
To balance your shape, be sure to pair the long cardigan with slimmer slacks, skinny jeans, or leggings. Every wholesale women’s sweaters collection should leave multiple long cardigans in colors like black, white, and other base colors.  
Turtleneck Sweater
A turtleneck sweater is an incredibly versatile part of any winter wardrobe. Layer a black or white turtleneck under a colorful dress, or add a pop of color under a plain vest with a pastel or bold red. The sweater is perfect for those who love to layer and don't always want to carry a scarf.

Boatneck Sweater 

The boatneck sweater is a shape that may work better for some than for others, but it is a great addition to your collection of wholesale sweaters. The longer open neck is known to balance the look for older pear-shaped women because it balances out wider hips and gives a delicate look to your shoulders. Pair it with a larger necklace for a classy and fun holiday look.  

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