Corrynne's Fullers Earth Face Wash and Mud Mask Review

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Hi guys! Just wanted to share with you how I cleared out my blackheads especially on the nose area.

I am currently using the Fuller's Earth Face Wash and Mud Mask which I got from The Beauty Call Cebu. These are Natural Australian made skin care products made only from the finest ingredients. Vegan friendly. Manufactured in Perth, Western Australia by Corrynne’s Natural Skin Care.

I normally use these two on weekends, when I just want to pamper myself and have a spa day at home. I first use the Fuller's Earth Exfoliating Face Wash to cleanse my face before putting on the Mud Mask.

What I like about the Fuller's Earth Exfoliating Face Wash is, it is made with only 5 simple ingredients. So, it is actually gentle on my skin. I would consider this as a physical exfoliant since it contains really finely milled pumice beads.

I like that it really removes all dirt on my skin without leaving my skin dry. Please note that this face wash does not bubble. I just gently massage the product onto areas where I need to clear out my pores. Once I rinse it off my face feels super soft and smooth. And it really did actually help remove blackheads on my nose area.

After cleansing my face, I then apply the Fuller’s Earth Mud Mask. This Mud mask claims to brighten the complexion, tighten and tones pores. Well this has proven true to its claims. I use this only once or twice a week, just so I can draw out impurities on my skin and it really does tighten and tone my pores.

If you guys have used any bentonite clay mask, this feels actually quite similar. This one is just much more convenient to use since it comes in a squeeze type tube. I also noticed that this has a mild cooling effect when applied on my face, so that's a plus for me.

I just leave the mud mask to dry for about 20 minutes, then simply wash it off with water. You will actually see immediate results after washing off the clay mask.

You can also check out the short video demo on my Instagram @randombeautybyhollie on how I use it.

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