Cozy Hydrating Facial Serum and Repair Moisturizer Review

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Cozy is a brand based in Taiwan, who specializes in Skin Care for Laziness. They use a full effect Plant Extract Technology featuring the Neroli Essential Oil.

Nerolis are beautiful white flowers from bitter orange trees, originally grown in the South of France, Morocco, Egypt and Italy. Carefully used in skin care, Neroli essential oil revitalizes skin by regenerating skin cells, improving skin elasticity, preventing the appearance of scars, acne, stretch marks and broken capillaries.  It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties which make it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Cozy has come up with a duo product that performs 7 functions. Yes, that's right just two! Moisturizes, whitens, tightens, primes, repairs, soothes and calms, and also works as a night mask.

4D Lifting and Sculpting Serum (Hydrating Serum)
Retail Price: Php 2,040

Repairs existing skin damage and prevents future pigmentation from forming. It also boosts facial metabolic cycle and removes fine lines.

Contains the following ingredients:
- Neroli Essential Oil and Aloe Vera to repair existing skin damage and prevent future pigmentation
- Oat Kernel Extract boosts facial metabolic cycle and removes fine lines
- Ceramide to lock down moisture, resolves sensitivity and dryness, and improves skin protection
- Alps' Seven Whitening Plant Extract to brighten overall skin, lighten existing pigmentation and slows down skin aging

Recommended Usage
- can be mixed into liquid foundation for smoother application
- works perfectly by itself as a serum after cleansing
- can be used as a night mask prior to sleep, just apply a thick layer

Age Reverse Brightening Moisturizer (Repair Moisturizer)

Retail Price: Php 1,325

Delivers a burst of refreshing yet deeply moisturizing nourishment and whitens skin, returning it to its pure stress free state.

Has five uses: Primer, toner, evening mask, whitening treatment and moisturizer.

Recommended Usage
- apply thin layer prior to makeup application for priming
- during the day or evening, apply thin layer as deep moisturizer after cleansing
- prior to sleep, apply thick layer for night mask usage

For Maximum Effect: Firstly massage the face with the 4D Hydrating facial serum, then apply the Repair Moisturizer.

When in a rush, mix one drop of the 4D Hydrating Serum and a small amount of Repair Moisturizer and quickly massage it all over the face.

Overall Experience and Review

I have been using both the Cozy Hydrating Facial Serum and Cozy Repair Moisturizer for the past month and I have seen awesome results!

When I first started testing this product my skin was not in a good condition. My skin had dry patches, rough areas near the under eye and nose are and big bumps on my forehead area. So, I was simply skeptical but still wanted to find out if the Cozy duo would help. So, I stopped using all other products entirely, except for my facial cleanser.

I stated using these day and night and on the third day, I started having this rough small bumps on my nose and under eye area. I found that it was just a "Reverse Reaction" since I was using an entirely new product on my skin. Since I was not experiencing any other sort of allergy or irritation, I continued using both serum and moisturizer daily. Fast forward, after almost 4 weeks of consistent use, my skin is almost back to the way it once was.

What I like about this...
* both serum and moisturizer are very lightweight
* feels comfortable on skin
* absorbs quickly and does not feel sticky
* has a very mild floral scent
* very comfortable and effective to use under makeup
* a little goes a long way, since it has a slightly runny texture
* it has considerably lighten my skin and my pimple scars
* made my skin look and feel really smooth
* using only two products for skin care is definitely a plus
* very effective and does what it claims

What I don't like...
* not easily available yet, so it's hard to find
* since the consistency of the moisturizer is slightly runny, I hope they replace the jar packaging with a squeeze type tube for convenience.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

I am truly amazed with how effective both products are. No BS! My pimples have considerably shrunk and the pimple marks have lightened. No more rough skin and textured areas on my face. I also noticed that I did not get any new pimple while I was using these. With just two products to use for my daily skin care routine, it's perfect for any lazy girl! Definitely #hollierecommended!

To by purchase their products, please visit them on :
Facebook Cozy Philippines @cozyphofficial
Instagram @cozy_ph_official

Until next time.


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  1. Oooooooh the ingredients look super interesting :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

    1. True and I am amazed at how little, organic and simple the ingredients are.


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