Puritan's Pride Officially in the Philippines

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I have been taking health supplements for over a year now and have tried some from other brands which vary in price and quality. Then I found Puritan's Pride online because of my Besty's recommendation.

Puritan's Pride, is one of the leading health supplements and vitamins brand in the USA. And I am happy to say that it is now available in the Philippines via the Puritan's Pride Philippines website.

By offering the best price, of up to 35% lower than other brands, Puritan’s Pride Philippines helps you become healthy on a budget. ​You are also assured of high quality as they only use ingredients from suppliers that meet their stringent Quality Assurance Standards and GMP food quality standards.

They offer a wide variety of health supplements depending on your needs. For beauty, skin care and whitening their bestsellers include Glutathione, Collagen, AlphaLipoic Acid, Vitamin C and Zinc for Acne. I personally like taking the Grapeseed Extract capsules as it is a really good antioxidant plust it helps takes care of my skin.

They also have supplements for weight loss, heart, multivitamins, and other aspects of health. For weightloss, I like taking either of the Green Tea Leaves or Green Tea Extract capsules since it has helped regulate my bowel movement. I take the Rasberry Ketones to help burn fat and give me engery since it also contains a little bit of caffeine. I also recently started taking the Apple Cider Vinegar for weightloss as well but more importantly it helps lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and many other benefits.

Apart from being a known as a superfood and rich in antioxidants, I wanted to take the ACAI Berry capsules for weightloss, however I noticed that it has helped me sleep well and feel less tired in the morning. So, I highly recommend the ACAI capsules to those who have trouble sleeping, feel tired and stressed all the time.

So far, I have not experienced any side effects from these health supplements. I did a little bit of research before I decided which supplements to take. Their products are definitely way more affordable compared to what I can find in our local Pharmacies or Health Shops here, yet still offers great quality.

Puritan's Pride Philippines ships nationwide and offer Cash on Delivery service. Aside from cash, they also accept credit cards and bank deposits and paypal payments.

Check them out at http://www.puritanspride.ph/ and follow on:

- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/puritansprideph
- Twitter: @puritansprideph
- Instagram: @puritansprideph

Don't forget to use my code HOLLIEPP upon checkout to get 20% Off your first purchase.

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  1. How does the Rasberry Ketones burn fat? Interested. Hehe. Oh and how do you take the apple cider vinegar? Do you mix it with something else or as is? :)


    1. @Gellie, Since Apple Cider Vinegar is in Tablet form, I take it as is. As for the Raspberry Ketones, research shows that it enhances the fat burning process in the body. When raspberry ketone is present in your system, it has been surmised that levels of this enzyme lipase increase and therefore ups the rate of fatty acid release. It is also known to help boost metabolism.

  2. The ACAI and Green Tea ones look interesting!!

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog


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