CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Single Eyeshadow Swatches

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Here is yet another eyeshadow swatch fest. I've had these eye shadows since December last year and there's one shade that I really fell in love with.

 (from left to right, photo taken with flash)
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow in Swiss Chocolate, Tapestry Taupe, and Mink

 Product Info from CoverGirl
Simple, single eyeshadow shades with a silky sheer formula. Mix and match them the way you want to create your own combos with matte, pearly, or sparkly shades! They blend easily for a natural eye makeup look.

Retail Price: around $3.00 or less in the US
bought mine at for Php 60 each only
 (photo taken under natural light)
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Single Eyeshadow Swatches
Swiss Chocolate, Tapestry Taupe, Mink

Swiss Chocolate is a medium brown with coppery gold shimmers
Tapestry Taupe is a silvery taupe shade that is slightly similar to Mac Satin Taupe
Mink is a pinkish-nude shade with frost finish

(photo taken under natural light)
CoverGirl Eye Enhancer Shadow in Mink

Some of you might have already guessed that Mink is my favorite among the three. As I've read from other bloggers, the shade Mink is actually a dupe for the Mac All That Glitters eyeshadow. I can't say if it's true or not since I don't have it to compare with.

CoverGirl Eye Enhancer Eyeshadow in Mink Swatch

So far, these shadows aren't bad at all. Some may have a little bit of fall out, like Swiss Chocolate, but it's definitely manageable. They have good color payoff but not as pigmented as Wet n Wild eye shadows. The feel and texture of these Covergirl shadows are a little bit dry and not as soft and smooth compared to other brands. But I guess it's already expected considering the really affordable price. Lastly, these shadows really need an eye primer prior to using it. The colors doesn't show that well if there's no eyeshadow base.

Has any of you tried these eye shadows? What do you think of it?

Until next time.


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  1. Ohh they are all so pretty! They should do a trio with this combination :3
    Take care*

  2. I can't believe how cheap you got them for! They look nice, very wearable :)

  3. Wow. You got them at a really affordable price! Haven't really tried any Cover Girl eyeshadows. But, hmm, these look nice!

  4. I like the colors and I definitely like 'em shimmery! :) I haven't tried CG eyeshadows though..

  5. Wow! Great deal, Hollie! I think I'm in-love with the Mink shade. <3

  6. Tapestry Taupe kinda looks like MAC's Satin Taupe! Love the sheen on these.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  7. My mom and I are fans of Covergirl shadows. The color selection is nice, and the price is so good (especially if you get to buy from an online seller). Mom has been using CG shadows since before pa, and she actually got me in to them. Haha. --Matromao


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