Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat Summer Collection 2014

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Pinay skin is happy now. In fact, it’s been happy for the past five months…and counting. Following the well-received Happy Skin launch five months ago, more and more women have now realized that to look beautiful, you must never compromise skin health. Sure, beauty trends come and go, seasons color our faces in different hues, lips pucker up in different colors – but overall skin? Well, it’s most beautiful when it is happy.

Happy Skin co-founder Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez believes that this is the core of their booming beauty business. “More and more women are discovering the beauty of skincare makeup,” she shares. “They’re falling in love with our philosophy – makeup that cares for your skin – and products!”

Co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo happily explains: They now echo our belief: truly good makeup should be your ally – not your enemy – in making you look and feel more beautiful! Fact is, all the best skin care products in the world will be put to waste if you don’t use good quality makeup that also takes care of your skin.

Happy Skin makes this your happiest and hottest summer! The Happy Skin limited edition Turn Up The Heat Summer 2014 Collection features three (3) new sizzling shades of their bestselling lippie and two (2) new summer hues of blushes that deliver the same promise of a natural flush as their original blushes.

"Summer is undoubtedly one of the happiest times of the year. It’s a season for sun and great outdoor fun, but it’s not always so awesome for your skin. This is actually the most crucial time to turn to makeup that cares for the skin," explains Rissa.

Yes, your favorite brand of skin-caring makeup augments its roster with some summer- worthy products to stash in your beach tote! Each product in the Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat summer collection is formulated with the same Happy Skin philosophy in mind: healthy skin is happy skin. So, you can trust that these summeriffic finds are infused with carefully chosen skin-loving ingredients that'll get you looking beautiful while simultaneously making your skin even healthier. 

The Happy Skin team was generous enough to have sent me the Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat Summer Collection along with their newly released gel eyeliners and their handy makeup bag.

I guess you girls already know by now that I was literally grinning as I was opening the package with eagerness to swatch them right away. LOL But I had to control myself since I still had to take photos first before I actually try them out. hehe

Turn Up the Heat with Happy Skin Lippies
Happy Skin lippie fans will love the new limited edition summer shades of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies (box set of 3 lippies for P1,249 and individually priced at P549)

Summer Crush is a flirty pink that evokes lips that want to be kissed. Sunset Kiss is a fiery red orange that will remind you of the burning passion of a kiss and summer’s extraordinary setting sun. The Morning After is a sexy nude that mimics lips that were just kissed. The limited-edition summer lippies continue to offer three-fold "lip service": the shine of a gloss, the pigment of a lipstick, and hydration of a balm. It has Shea Butter and Collagen to keep your lips in lip-lockin' shape.

 Get Cheeky With Me This Summer
The new collection Get Cheeky With Me blushes (P699 each) will give you a flush worthy of your fab summer pics.

Aside from the lips, cheeks equally take center stage during summer! Every girl wants to flaunt skin that has been sexily sun-kissed or cheeks that channel those hot memories. 

Happy Skin blushes are infused with Cherry Blossom extracts that lock in moisture and keep cheeks fresh and hydrated. Both sweat- and smear-proof for warm summer days, it keeps you blushing until you wash it off. Happy Skin blushes are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

 You deserve to be extra pretty and extra happy this summer! Pair yourself with someone who promises to stand by you through tears – both happy and sad – and someone who brings out the sparkle in your eye! (P499 each)

Happy Skin introduces to women their new dependable partner: the Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24h Gel Pencil Auto Eyeliner! Available in three(3) must have shades. Peppermint, Chic Brown and Perfect Black.

I have used these product for about a week now and will surely review and swatch these products once I get a good use out of them.

Happy Skin is currently available at Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-la, Beauty Bar, and Plains & Prints boutiques. Visit www.happyskincosmetics.com for complete store listings and more product info. Follow @happyskin_ph on Instagram and Twitter. You can also buy Happy Skin online via shop.beautybar.com.ph.

Until next time.


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  1. Oh dear lord, THIS WHOLE KIT IS SO CUTE!! Surprisingly, the blush shades don't appeal to me that much, but the lip crayons. OH THE LIP CRAYONS! THE PACKAGING IS SO CUTE and really reminds me of Tarte's Aqualillies a few years/months(?) back. I nneeeed that Sunset Kiss shade @_@

    1. @Vanessa, I get what you mean about the blush shades. but you might like the other shades from their permanent line. ^_^

  2. Wow! You got a lot of Happy Skin products! so happy for you! I know how it feels opening a package full of makeup love! I haven't tried any of their products yet but a friend of mine told me their lippies are even better than Revlon matte balms.

    Excited to read your reviews esp. with the liners. I'm on a hunt for quality eyeliners to try. So far I'm loving skinfood waterproof eyeliner pen. :)

    1. @Genzel, Yes their lippies are just LOVE! and oh, I have to tell you that their Gel eyeliners are something that I'd rave about! it's really stays very long even in my waterline and it glides on smoothly!

  3. Wow! Those products looks interesting! Will wait for your reviews! :)

  4. I've seen a review of these and I'm really impressed and sad that the brand isn't available here!! The chubbys look so nice <3

  5. It looks super cute and colorful, love it :) !


  6. Ka cute sa packaging! I'll try out their products nya. By the way Ate the Mangga Studio can be rented by the hour po.
    Rates: http://www.manggastudio.net/rates--terms.html
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManggaStudio

  7. Hello lovely thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    Great post, thanks for sharing!



  8. ah i knew it, its the brand that i kept eyeing in beauty bar :) all their products are just sooo cute. i didnt know that its local pala,thats so nice to hear. i wish it was just a tiny bit inexpensive tho but overall it looks really appealing. let us know what you think of the lippies :)

    1. so far, while trying their products for over two weeks. I am impressed and really happy that they produced products that were at par with high end brands ^_^

  9. The lip balms and eyeliner looks amazing. Where to buy these?

    1. @Belle Femme, these are only available in the Philippines. ^_^

  10. Ooh that boxed lippie set sounds sulit and the colors look great!


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