Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena Firm Day and Night Treatment

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Hey ladies, If you've been reading some of my older post, you'd notice that I seldom do skin care reviews on my blog, because honestly, I find it a smidge more tedious as compared to doing a regular makeup review.

I want to test out skin care products for as long as I can especially if it has anti-aging properties. Not 1 or 2 weeks, not even a month would do for me. You and I both know that we can't see results in just a month's time especially when it comes to skin care products.  Now, I don't want to name names, but it irks me sometimes to read other skin care reviews, only to find out that they've been using it for just a couple of weeks.

I am not sure if you remember but I posted my updated Skin Care Routine last year, and among those products where from Mary Kay.

Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena-Firm Skin Care

I was relieved to see that these are made in Korea!

Though, I haven't been using skin care products from Korea, I noticed (from what I read and heard) that most high quality skin care products are made in Korea. I feel like there's a sense of security when it comes to skin care products made from that country. Or it probably is just me. LOL

Let me start by saying, my skin has never felt so good until I started using the Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena Firm Day Treatment and Night Treatment together with the Mary Kay Timewise Targeted Action Eye Revitalizer around October last year.

I have been using these products for more than 4 months as of this writing, so that you, my readers can really see the actual results and difference it has made on my skin. Also note, that I may have skipped a day or two on using these products especially when I'm running late for work, or when I'm just dead tired to even care about my skin.

Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena-Firm Day Treatment with SPF 30/PA+++

Product Info from Mary Kay Philippines
Photo-stable formula helps maintain its integrity and protective power 
even after being exposed to sun
Broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30/PA+++
12-hour long-lasting moisturizing formula

size: 50ml

Retail Price: Php 3,480

Let us first talk about the Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena-Firm Day Treatment. I started using both day and night treatment around the last week of October 2013. Before I started using the Day Treatment, my face was patchy and very uneven especially on my chin area, because I have never used any sunscreen or SPF in my skin care regiment. (I didn't think I needed to since, I'm working at an air-conditioned office environment)

During the first week of using the Day Treatment, I noticed a slight sting on my face every time I apply it, but it wasn't the kind that hurts. I did not have any allergic reaction to it. I then realized that it probably was the SPF content working its way to my skin. I usually get the same reaction on all sorts of products that has SPF in it, even the ones from MAC. So, I just continued using it. 

The product came with the push type dispenser, which is very convenient to use. I never had a problem with excess product because one push is all you need to apply product all over your face and neck.

Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena-Firm Night Treatment

Product Info from Mary Kay Philippines
Age-fighting Retinol effectively helps reduce wrinkles and smooth skin
12-hour long-lasting moisturizing formula

size: 50ml

Retail Price: Php 3,755

I apply the Mary Kay Timewise Regena-Firm Night Treatment every day before bed time. This has a very different texture compared to the Day Treatment cream. I felt that it has micro beads when I massaged the product to my face.

I have never used any night cream before, because I felt that it will make my skin look like a grease ball when I wake up. However, that is not the case with the Mary Kay Night Treatment. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my face wasn't as greasy as I'd expected it to be. My skin just felt really soft, smooth and supple like a baby's bottom! I'm not exaggerating at all. Promise. (holding my hand up making the girl scout sign! LOL) ^_^

I appreciate the fact that the expiry date is written at the bottom of the tub.

Mary Kay Day Treatment and Night Treatment Swatch

During the time I was using both Day and Night Treatment creams, I had occasional bumps whenever my monthly period comes. I noticed how continued use of both creams helped lighten and smooth out my pimples. 

There is also one thing that I'd like to point out. Before I started using the Day Cream, I was using my MAC Studio Fix Powder in C40. After 2 months of continued use, I noticed that my face became a shade lighter. I do not use any whitening product on my face at all, because I'm scared of getting burn patches or peeling. I realized that it probably was because of the SPF 30 content on my Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena-Firm Day Treatment. I did not use any sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF prior to using the Mary Kay Day Treatment.  This is what helped me understand how important sunscreen is to my skin care routine.  I am now using MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC35.

Result after 4 months of continued use

My laugh lines became much smoother, they're almost gone!!! That really came as a surprise, because I didn't expect it at all. I feel like my face has become more even toned and less patchy than what it was before especially in my chin area.

To Summarize, here's what I like about the Day and Night Treatment:
* both Day and Night Treatment has a mild pleasant scent
* they are not thick and not sticky at all
* a little goes a long way, because of the push type dispenser that helps control the amount of product
* it helped smooth out my face and neck
* it gradually lightened and even out my skin, thanks to the Day Treatment!
* my face doesn't get sun burned, after an hour under the heat of the sun
* my face always feels moisturized and hydrated all day
* it helped diminished fine lines, especially my laugh lines
* no allergies and irritation experienced

All I can say is that I'm completely satisfied. After testing it out for more than 4 months and patiently waiting for visible results, I couldn't be happier. By the way, for your reference, I'm turning 30 years old in a couple of days. ^_^

The Mary Kay Timewise Plus Regena Firm Skin Care line is specially formulated for Mature Skin. I only used it for the sole purpose of this review. There's still so much product left in both tubs, so I gave it to my mom (56 years old) a few days ago, and I can't wait to see what kind of results it brings her.

I know that these are quite expensive. Mine were sent by Mary Kay, so I'm lucky enough to have tried it. I honestly could not afford these with my current pay check. But if you have the means to buy it, I encourage you do so, especially if you are already in your early 40s.

My thoughts on this product remain unbiased, regardless if it was sent for free. I could say shit about a product for all I care, but based on experience Mary Kay products have always been good to my skin.

Don't know anyone from Mary Kay?
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  1. Lucky you! I want to try it but I find it too expensive =)

  2. Looks like a really nice product :o

  3. sounds good! I haven't tried Mary Kay products yet but these seem to work really well. Too bad they're quite pricey though!

  4. I haven't tried any Mary Kay products for years. Great review.

  5. Soooo pricey! But anti-aging products are normally so much more overpriced so keri lang. I like the push-type dispenser, hehehe.

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    1. woah!!! that's sooo cool! thank you!

  7. the packaging for the cream is really cool! I'm a new follower on blogloving and I'd love it if you checked out my blog :) I'm form Cebu as well..

  8. Sounds an interesting products. Loved the review. Happy weekend :-)

  9. April? April Hollie? Is dat chu? :D hehe... Veronica Flores here! :D You may not remember me but we're actually batchmates sauna sa CNU although murag kausa raman siguro ta nagka-classmates. Nice blog you got here! I actually also have a beauty blog myself but wala ju'y update2x kay super bussssy! hehehehe!

    1. @Veroniz, Of course I still remember you! nice you see here. Thanks for the follow ^_^

  10. I love your review!! Honest and detailed :)
    I also got my MK goodies at


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