Halloween Look: The Girl with Many Eyes

10:59:00 PM

Halloween is always celebrated every year at our company.  This is the only time that kids get to hangout with their parents or relatives at the office. This year our Halloween theme is "Carnival Freak Show".

(image taken from google.com)

Each department is tasked to have at least one representative and choose their own kind of freak. Our department (Systems Dept.) chose "The Girl with Many Eyes" which is depicted from Tim Burton's Poem. 

Here is a before picture of our representative (Michelle). I already set her hair before I started to put on the makeup. So, that it will be very bouncy and curly after I'm done.

This is me in action LOL

This is Michelle after the makeup was done
It would have been cool if I was able to buy a blue face paint as her face base, but I didn't  have time to look for one. This is a last minute Halloween look, so I had to work with whatever I had. ^_^

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  1. Niiiiice!

    Nasuya nuon ko da since mika kaayo akong halloween costume, hehehe..

    Miss you Hollie! :)


    1. @Eden, hahaha saonz. sa makeup rana gi daug. ang costume mismo kay simple black dress ra jud. Miss ya too geng! ^_^

  2. Nice! Good job on the makeup! I didn't celebrate Halloween this year so wasn't able to create any looks... oh well. :P

  3. What a fun costume :P Good job!

  4. Good job Hollie! :) It's freaky and spooky. Nice for halloween. :D


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