Mother's Day Gift Idea for Less

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Mother's Day is coming and what better way to celebrate it, than to spend the day with your Mom. $25 is about Php1,000 pesos here in Philippines. And there's so much that I can do with that for my mom.

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The first thing that popped in my mind is, take my mom to a spa for a day of relaxation. My mom is over 50 years old and she still works as a financial consultant. Apart from her regular job, she does the house chores like cooking, washing dishes, etc. I know for a fact that she works everyday, she's tired and she rarely gets to relax and pamper herself.

I just want my mom to have her "ME" time on mother's day. And "a day at a SPA" would be just wonderful for her. She will have the time to be stress-free, relaxed, be calm and not think of anything else.

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I am thinking of treating her to a full body massage, facial services, and get her nails done.  There's a spa that I really like, which offers great services at an affordable price.  An hour of full body massage only costs Php250 pesos. After, the massage will be facial services that only costs Php300 pesos and lastly, treat her with manicure and pedicure services which only costs Php170 pesos. All that for less than $25 bucks!

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And since I am a freelance makeup artist, I'm gonna make her look radiant and beautiful like she always is. Just in time for her to get ready for a dinner date with Dad. ^_^

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  1. My mum will definitely enjoy this idea. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. It is nice also to give your mother flowers and chocolates. Check this affordable and sweet gifts from Grantonworld PH.that will make your mother feel special this Valentines Day.


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