Mac Powder Blush in Harmony Swatch

7:30:00 PM

I know some of my readers have been curious what Mac Blush in Harmony looks like. So, I'm sharing with you the photos and swatch of the product.

Photo taken with flash

Photo taken without flash

Mac Blush in Harmony Swatch

The shade looks brown with pinkish undertone. Some described it as a muted rosy beige, which could almost pass for a brown.

This has been my go to contouring blush for a while. But I always forget to take a swatch. I've had this in my kit since October 2012 and have been using it ever since. I love that it's matte and works really well with morena (brown) skin tone.   

This is available in local Mac Counters and retails for Php1,300.00 pesos.

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  1. oo nga very nice for contouring... I wonder kung maganda to with a yellow undertone...

  2. @Anne, I tried using this on fair skin people with yellow undertone, it needs super duper blending to make it work. I find this works well with medium skin tones.

  3. I'm always in a lookout for nice bronzer as most shade makes my face look dirty rather than contouring :\ This seems pretty nice except for the price >_<

  4. This is a perfect contouring blush!

  5. the pinkish undertone looks pretty good on this blush!

  6. I really love blushes in this color family. I can wear any lipstick with neutral shades like this! I'm also considering Gingerly from MAC :) Thanks for this post, Hollie! :)

  7. it looks rather dark on my skin, this is actually a good blush for shading I reckon :D

  8. is this ok for blush?? parang i cant use this for contouring on :)

    1. @Jamie, yes it's a good blush especially if applied with a light hand. ^_^

  9. I´m planning on buying this color! but I´m really pale with a yellow undertone...think it would work for me?


  10. @Amy, if you are pale, this might look too dark on you. I suggest you try "The Balm Bahama Mama" I'm sure that will suite you well ^_^


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