Bea Alonzo The Mistress Inspired Makeup

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I know this is way overdue, but I am only doing this as a favor for a friend. I have a friend from Florida, who recently watched "The Mistress" movie and just fell in love with Bea's Makeup. It spiked my curiosity as to why she loved the makeup so much. So, I watched the movie the next day.

Her look was constant all through out the movie, it was simple yet very elegant. She looked radiant and I understood why my friend loved her makeup. So, in an attempt to recreate the look, here's my take on it.

Step 1 Make your face look smooth and flawless but still look like skin. I first used a pea-sized amount of my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as base, then followed by a thin layer of my Maybelline liquid foundation. I then lightened my dark under eye with the Maybelline liquid concealer. Since I have pimple scars, I covered it with the Maybelline mousse concealer. And finally set with a thin layer of the Mac Studio Fix powder.

Step 2  Define your brows. I filled in my brows using two shades. The main brow color is the Etude House Easy Brow Pencil in No. 1 then, I filled in the tips using Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette to make it look slightly darker.

Step 3 Apply eyeshadow. I only used two matte shades on my lids. I first applied Mary Kay eyeshadow in Sweet Cream all over my lids except the outer corner. Followed by Mary Kay eyeshadow in Hazelnut in the outer corner and the crease area. All you need to do is blend the edges of the Hazelnut eyeshadow bringing slightly higher from the crease. Then use Sweet Cream to highlight the brow bone area.

Also use the Hazelnut shade on the lower lash line in order to create a more defined eye.

Step 4 Line your upper lash line. I applied Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in black as close to the upper lash line as much as possible. I opted not to create a thick line in order to make the look more natural.

Step 5 Line your waterline. I used a flesh toned (not white) eyeliner and applied it to my waterline in order to brighten my eye.

Step 6 Apply mascara. Curl your lashes, then apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes. I used Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara.

Step 7 Contour and apply Blush. I created a nose line just a tiny bit, using the Hazelnut eyeshadow. I also used Mac Powder Blush in Harmony to contour my temple, cheeks and jawline. With a light hand, I then applied Mary Kay Powder Blush in Sparkling Cider to my cheeks (left side from the photo above).

Step 8 Apply Lipstick. Lastly, I applied Prestige Lipstick in Melba to complete the look. Don't forget to condition your lips first if you have dry, cracked lips.

This can make a very good everyday makeup. I was actually on my way to buy groceries when I attempted to  try this look. hehehe

Shout out to the fab celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga for doing an exquisite job on Bea's makeup. ^_^ 

Until next time.


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  1. hihi sosyal mo naman mag grocery.. naka bea look pa :) anyhoo super fresh and pretty ang dating ♥♥♥

  2. gorgeous! loving the look! ^_~

  3. Very subtle and classy makeup look! Galing! :)

  4. It's a very natural look. I especially love the soft lip color.

  5. nice! i love this look dear =)

  6. thanks for dropping by my blog! ;) I love the look!and oh the lippie!love love love the color! :)

    Followed you on GFC.I hope you follow back. :)

    Cj from

  7. I sooo love Bea's makeup on this movie too! Thank you so much for your tutorial! Love your look :)


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