Manila Trip and Quick Picks

10:31:00 PM

I finally stepped foot in Manila for the first time...LOL.  Hubby and I went to Manila last May 8 & 9 and took the first early flight home to Cebu last May 10.  It definitely was a fun experience.

Just arrived at NAIA terminal 3. We waited for a shuttle bus going to TAFT area. I had no clue it was that hot in Manila! and the traffic was horrible.

After a long day of walking and riding both the LRT and MRT, we were tired and hungry.  Our first choice was Burger King! because it's not available in Cebu yet. Burger King please do come to Cebu!

Chillin at Kabayan Hotel Pasay with Snyder's Of Hanover Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips and paired with French Onion Cheese Dip. By the way, I didn't finish the whole pack LOL!

We went to MOA on the second day and bought 5K worth of toys from Toy Kingdom for our little boy ^_^.  MOA is definitely huge, too bad I didn't get the chance to try the Director's Club because it was "The Avengers" that was showing but we've already seen the movie, thus the reason for not trying it.

I bought some stuff at Watson's MOA since I didn't bring any skin care stuff with me.  I wasn't expecting that I'd be needing a facial moisturizer.  The heat in Manila made my skin super dry and that's the first time I've used so much moisturizer on my face and still felt it was dry.

I bought these false eyelashes and makeup brush at Landmark when we were in Makati.  Since we're in a hurry, I didn't get a chance to really check out other stuff at Landmark.

Hubby and I are going back to Manila on June 6 & 7, I hope I can meetup with fellow beauty bloggers there. ^_^

Until next time.


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  1. how fun!
    you were able to go around glorietta din ba?

  2. @Thiamere, yes sis I did. I went to SM City Makati, then Glorietta then Landmark... Those 3 malls are connected kasi. Kaya madali lng puntahan..hehehe

    @Gie, I hope we can, so excited!

  3. Wow, such a fun trip! :)) I missed Manila tuloy. If for anything the place is great for shopping and food. :D

  4. You're pretty with or without makeup.

  5. Thank you honey i'm following you back! xo

  6. I've never been to Manila before but I've seen pictures of it and it looks like a beautiful place to visit :D

    Thanks so much for following my blog btw! I hope you will visit again soon!

  7. nice haul! and haha I LOVE burger king.. esp their whopper wednesday!!

  8. You're so cute! Omg I love those falsies!!


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