RBBH Look: Color Me Purple

5:25:00 PM

I finally had time again to play with my makeup. I know that it as been a while since I last created a makeup look, my apologies. I've been wanting to try a purple look for so long and here's what I came up with.

Eye Diagram Part 1

Eye Diagram Part 2

Eye Makeup

 Colors Used from the Dollface Avant Garde Palette

Final look (photo taken with natural light/ NO flash)

Products Used:

for the FACE
Maybelline Mineral Power liquid foundation in Natural Beige
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Sand

for the EYES
ELF Studio Eye Primer and Liner Sealer
ELF Eyelash Curler
Long False Eyelashes

for the LIPS

This is the first time I've tried using false eyelashes, so I'm not sure if I did it well. You probably guessed it right, it took me a long time to put on those damn falsies. LOL! Let me know your thoughts about this look, I would really appreciate it.

This is it for now.


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  1. This is too pretty Hollie! + I know what you mean by damn falsies haha I hate false lashes. They are pretty, but can be a pain in the ---

  2. ANG GANDA!!! Seryoso.... ang ganda talaga. :-)

  3. Oh my, such lovely colors!
    Ha, I have the same problem, those false lashes take so much time to put on.
    But the look great! :) So it was worth it.

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. HOLLIE! SO PRETTY! What brand of falsies did you use here, btw? :)

  6. so pretty, it reminds me of a flower blossom!

  7. @Amy, thanks dear, hahaha so true.

    @Michelle, lol thanks sis!

    @April K, thank you. appreciate it.

    @Anouk, thanks I have to agree with, false lashes really do make a big difference.

    @Em, thanks dear.

    @Jackie, thanks, glad you liked it.

    @Aya, thanks sis! it was just some random falsies that I bought at Metro Ayala here in Cebu. It only says Fashion False Eyelashes in the packaging, got it for only 39.50 pesos.

    @Pop Champagne, Thank you, I never thought of it that way. hehe

  8. I can't wait to try that look. It's a perfect compliment to an arabic outfit...which is what i need for bellydancing. Post some more please.... Thanks yah!

  9. that's beautiful! Purple makes brown eyes pop!
    Gusto ko din yan try one day kasi my eyes are brown.
    Thanks sis for this tutorial must try! =)

    btw, i invite you to join my first ever giveaway!(yay =)): http://che2acosta.blogspot.com

  10. @Loien, I just realized that. LOL! Good luck on your Saturday performance yah, so excited to see your belly dancing photos.

    @Che Acosta, Thanks dear. so true, purple, silver and green makes brown eyes pop. Oh, thanks for the invite, I'll definitely join!

  11. Very practical way of doing a MUP tutorial. I love how there's a diagram which makes it very clear and easy to follow!:-)

    Kristen, fellow Pinay <3

  12. Gorgeous, Hollie! Bagay sayo. Lovely FOTD. :)

  13. omgosh hollie best eye makeup tutorial ever! love the purple hues you went with so pretty i'm going to try this!!!!!

  14. Beautifully blended! Purple looks gorgeous on you. (: I want to give this a try but I'll probably fail so bad. I've always wanted to try the mineral power concealer by Maybelline but I'm iffy of which shade to purchase. :(

  15. i love how color came out.. not so dark nor light... just the right shade!!! good job hollie!

  16. Nice one Hollie! The purples you used are sooo pretty. Suits your eyes well!<3

  17. @happyache, wow, thanks, glad you like it.

    @Pammy, thanks sis.

    @Lisa, gosh, thanks dear, I hope you show it to me when you do try it!

    @Tiffo, awww cool, thanks, I really appreciate it.

    @ Hazel, Thanks sis!

    @Tiffiefum, thank you sis!

  18. pretty! i love the shape of your eyes. :)

  19. oh my! whata lovely eyes! so envy hahaha =) i love your brows, eyes, faalsies and all!!! you are so pretty! will definitely follow you...
    thanks for joining btw. mmuaah!

  20. You have beautiful eyes! ;)

  21. @Shen, gosh, thank you. coming from you, it's an honor..hehe

    @Diane, Awww, now I'm blushing...LOL Thanks for following back. really appreciate it. and I'm happy to find another mommy who's also into makeup. hugs!

  22. @CHARRY, Thank you dear.

  23. So pretty! Revlon almost nude is one of my faves! :)

  24. love the look! will try that! ^_^


  25. Oooh, I so love the color purple and the makeup is so lovely here. :) I do appreciate your tutorial as I'm not that good yet in doing makeup. Honestly, I've been reading several of your posts on your blogs as well. Very informative read. :)

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