Valentine's Dinner

2:56:00 AM

Celebrating Valentine's day with your loved one doesn't have to be expensive.  As long you get to spend time together, that should be great.  To celebrate Valentine's day, my hubby and I had a simple dinner a local Dimsum Restaurant here in Cebu. We went to "Golden City" located at "The Walk" IT Park.

Here's our dinner in Pictures!

 Lemon Tea and Milk Tea with black jello

Humba Noodles (Pork Noodles)

Halo-Halo for Dessert

I apologize for posting this really late. My husband took all the pictures and I didn't have time to get the files from him, until now. hehe


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  1. what a great v-day. you look so adorable behind the drinks.

    btw, i have a contest/giveaway on my blog if you're interested

  2. I like your shot with the drinks so cute! i agree no need to go somewhere expensive as long as you're together:-)

  3. awww you and your hub are so sweet...makes me wonder how being married is like :P

    ~wishing you both love

  4. awwww... love the last pic dear! ^_^ i want a milk tea now LOL! x)

  5. @Fruity Lashes, Thanks. I followed your blog I hope you follow me back.

    @Minakichu, hehe thanks. Candid shots are the best.

    @Louise, Thanks. We've been married since 2007. We've had a few fights, but it still feels like we're BF and GF. Happily Married with 1 kid.

    @Sugar Sugar, Thanks. I want to go back and grab me some milk tea as well. hehe


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