REVIEW: Revlon Matte Lipstick "In the Red"

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Product Info from Revlon
Ultra-creamy saturated lip color that delivers beautiful, 
lightweight matte color without any dryness, caking or fading.

Available Shades: Stormy Pink, Sky Pink, Smoked Peach, Nude Attitude,
Pink Pout, Mauve It Over, Pink About It, Really Red,
In the Red, Fabulous Fig, & Wine Not

Retail Price: PHP 400.00+ , around $6.00 in the US 

I've had this lipstick for a while now. It was a gift from my brother last Christmas 2009 (he's girlfriend, now fiancee actually chose this).  It's the only Red Lipstick I own and I love it! I've always been afraid to wear red lipstick, thinking that I couldn't pull it off.  But I was so wrong, I received compliments when I wore this and it looked amazing on me.  It's just the perfect shade of red for me.

What I like about it...
* inexpensive
* it's matte (I love matte lipsticks)
* did not make my lips dry
* no scent / fragrance-free
* very pigmented
* smooth and glides easily
* packaging is awesome, I don't have to worry about it in my makeup bag.
* didn't experience any itch or allergies
* stays long, it lasted for more than 5 hours. Even though I ate and drink it still looked just as great as when it  was first applied.
* the color is not bright. It's not fuchsia nor orange,
it's just a perfect deep matte red 

What I don't like...
* absolutely nothing!

My rating: 5 / 5

This "In the Red" shade is just wearable. Really works great for my skin tone. For reference, I am Asian - Filipino with yellow / golden undertones.  The Revlon matte lipstick collection also has another red shade called "Really Red" but that's the kind of red lipstick I stay away from. It's a super bright red shade which is

TIPS: Wear neutral eye make-up for an elegant look.  I don't apply any eyeshadow when I'm wearing red lipstick. I simply line my upper lash line with a black eyeliner and apply a touch of matte blush on my cheeks for a natural pinched cheek look.

I only wear this lipstick when I'm wearing a black blouse or shirt. I think it makes the red color stand out.

How about you ladies, have you found the perfect Red Lipstick yet?

This is it for now.


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  1. great review. Same with me, I like "In the Red" and another is "Mauve it over" as it's my MLBB. The "Really Red" IS way to bright. I also like "Fabulous Fig." :)

  2. ang ganda ng shade! haven't tried matte lippies from Revlon yet... its good to know di sha drying.

  3. @My-My, I agree that "Mauve it over" is a very pretty color too.

    @Charry, it's great right?

    @Shopcoholic, That is exactly what I was thinking before I used it. I thought, because its matte it's probably drying, But I'm so glad it isn't.

  4. That lipstick is so pretty! And glad it's not drying because that's my initial impression when it comes to matte lipsticks.

  5. I have this one! :) You should try the red lippie from Kat Von D's collection. <3

    You no longer have pop-ups! :)

  6. @Pammy, thanks. I know what you mean, even I think the same way. Matte = dry...hehe

    @Toni, too bad, I don't think we have Kat Von D products here in Phils. I'll figure something out..hehe... Yay! for no more pop-ups. Good thing I fixed it.

  7. nice to know this red shade fits filipina skink color perfectly. thanks for the review ;)

  8. @Donnarence... Thanks, it does give me that feeling every time I wear

    @Hazel... It's my pleasure, yes it does look great on Filipina skintone.

  9. oh my gosh, this is such a beautiful shade of red! i don't have many reds, i so need to pick this up, going on my wishlist!

    your lips are so pretty too! i can't do lip swatches...although i plan on posting some at some point, i don't feel like they're worthy, haha

  10. @JEzzy, Thanks for the compliment, I'm sure you can do it too. You look Gorgeous! I really love that shade as well.


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