Spotted! Cheap Make-up brush holder

11:25:00 AM

My fellow beauties, I simply wanted to share with you this make-up brush holder that I found.  It's very cheap, I bought it for only Php 69.00 around $1.55... I accidentally found this at Robinson's Cybergate here in Cebu while I was searching for beautiful living room curtains. Too bad though, it only comes in one design.

I think this will definitely come in handy during travels. You can just simply roll it and save so much space in your bag . In addition to that, it's easier to pick the brushes. I won't have to keep on searching through my brushes like I used to, when I placed them in a make-up bag before. And Oh, one more thing, this holder kind of also works as a brush guard. It does protect my brush from dust and dirt.

Just out of curiosity...
Do you own a make-up brush holder similar to this?
How do you store your make-up brushes?

that's it for now.


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  1. That's such a great find! Cute too. :P

  2. Thanks Pammy... it really is a fabulous find.

  3. Wow, lucky for you to discover it. When I travel I have a little make up brush bag. but if I'm not traveling I have brush guards and keep them in my drawer. They look like this:

  4. @My-My... I've seen those brush guards here. They're being sold by online resellers here in Phils. I just didn't have the change to get one for my self...hehe

  5. Mine is leather. This is cute Hollie. I love the colorful feathers.

  6. Hi Hollie! thanks for your nice comment on my eyelashes post <3 i am an amateur in wearing eyelashes too LOL! so some parts of the lashes are actually falling out instead of sticking to the lid :P you should try too!

  7. Cute! Where do you buy your brushes? :)

  8. Nice! Not a big fan of the patterns though.
    I store my brushes in a pen holder. But when I'm travelling, I store my brushes in a brush roll that came with my Elianto 8pc. brush set. :)

  9. Oh wow this is a keeper! I wish they have it here in Manila :(

  10. @Shopcoholic...thanks, you should check it out at Cybergate. They also have makeup bags that you might adore.

    @gingerSnap...thanks, it's too colorful for me but that's the only design available.

    @Jennifer...will definitely try it.

    @Elaine...There are only two places, from Metro Ayala Cebu dept. store and from Watson's.

    @Beautiful Loft... I wish they had plain designs but that's the only design available.

    @Charry...hmmm I think they might have it there in Manila, just try to check out any Robinson's department store.

  11. Its really cute. Love the feathers on it. I really want/need one. Ive been loking at the sigma one recently as ive seen it pretty cheap online and ive only read good reviews. I dont want a plastic one, i was it made of durable material. :) anyway. Lovely post, lovely blog. :) xx

  12. @Steph... Thanks... visited you blog, looks awesome and I followed you.


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