TIGI Bed Head Colour Trip Workshop and Experience

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I recently had the opportunity to experience the TIGI Bed Head workshop here in Cebu City. It was held at the Expose Salon in Crossroads, Banilad. It was the first time that I joined a workshop related to hair styling, since I honestly don't know much about hair products. (teehee)

I was just in awe seeing Ralf and Andy, teach the hair stylists from all over Philippines, their tips and techniques in cutting, coloring and styling the hair. They worked on several models swiftly yet still precise and the results were just amazing.

Ralf Boss, owns a TIGI Salon in Germany for over 15 years. He became the TIGI Art Director in Germany and soon joined TIGI in 2007. He moved to Taipei to lead the first TIGI International Academy in Asia. He is currently the TIGI Creative Director for Taiwan and Asia Pacific who also leads the Asia Educator Team.

Andy Cheong, has been in the hair industry for over 30 years and has received several awards for hairdressing in Asia. He is currently the TIGI Regional Education Director for TIGI Copyright Colour and closely works with Ralf touring all over Asia.

I saw them both in action and definitely learned a thing or two. The workshop was geared towards hair professionals since it was very technical. It also talked more about the new Shift Collection 2017 using the Tigi Bed Head Colour Trip line.

The 2017 Tigi Collection: Shift, shows a changing mood in hairdressing and colouring, embracing natural texture and creating personalized, distinctive styles. Eight new cuts and colours have been created to inspire creation of forward thinking looks for the contemporary client.

The workshop took all morning to finish. Then they showcased all the models they styled and worked on that morning, explaining what the main points were. (It's where I learned, focal point for the hair...lol)

I was fortunate to have the TIGI Bed Head experience. Andy, asked me what color I wanted and I told him something purple so he suggested and mixed the perfect color that he thought suit me. I also left Ralf to decide what hair style would suit me best.

This is the first time I had my hair bleached, and I was surprised that it remained soft and healthy. I was honestly dreading that it would become dry and brittle, but they proved me wrong.

There is one thing, I noticed about TIGI Bed Head products. Everything smells divine, and I mean literally. That even includes the bleach they used on my hair. I honestly did not smell that strong chemical scent you normally get at a local salon. From the bleach, the hair color, to the shampoo, conditioner and the styling products. It all just smells so darn good.

You can head to the Expose Salon, located at Crossroads, Banilad and experience it yourself. You can also buy Tigi Bed Head products at the Salon. For those looking for the Purple Shampoo (used to maintain hair color), they have it! It retails for Php1,800.

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