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My hair tools finally arrived. A few months ago, I asked my boss to buy me these two Conair hair tools at Walmart.  He went back home to New York after 4 long years of staying here in the Philippines.  I knew he was coming back last June, so I emailed him a couple of links for the tools and asked him to buy those for me. Fortunately, he agreed. I paid him for the items and shipping. ^_^

I got these two on my hands last June 28, 2012 and already tried using it for a couple of times.  They are awesome for personal use!

 I got myself a full set of

If you don't know what hot rollers are, these are rollers used for setting hair that gives off soft curls.  These are just heated rollers.  If you know how to use hair rollers or hair curlers, using this will be easy.  You have no idea how hard it is to find hot rollers/ hair setters here locally.

I tried scouring through malls even online shops but they are nowhere to be found.  I did find one online but the price was just crazy high.  You can buy this Conair HS34R Compact Hairsetter in the US or you can always try

This is what the actual hair rollers look like
There are a lot of tutorials available on Youtube about how to use Hot Rollers, just in case you'd like to know who to use them and what kind of curls they give.

I also got this

 I chose this hair dryer because it's foldable and it's purple. LOL! I don't want to carry a heavy hair dryer during my makeup gigs. So I had to find one that is lightweight and works well.  I couldn't find one locally that's affordable enough.  You can buy this Conair miniPro Tourmaline Ceramic Styler folding hair dryer in the US or simply buy this at


Before choosing these two Conair tools, I did check if they where dual voltage. So that, I won't have to buy any sort of plug adapters when I use them.  That was one of the things I had to consider before buying these. Another thing I had to consider is the price, these are so affordable yet very good quality.  I also read some of the reviews of these products from the Walmart website and both have 4 stars rating. ^_^

Until next time.


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  1. I've seen Revlon hot curlers here. Con air as well! :)

    I bought Vidal Sassoon blowdryer too, locally. I preferred to buy locally for the warranty.

    They weren't that pricey!

    1. @Chrissy, oh really? May I know where you found the conair hot rollers? I think I've seen the Revlon ones, but they were priced at 3K.

    2. yeap can you tell me where can I buy conair in philippines... Im in manila ;)

  2. i love hot rollers :) that's how i've been curling my hair for the last 15 years of my life hahaha..

    but yes you are right.. in the US they sell hot rollers EVERYWHERE! drugstores, shopping malls even grocery stores!

    but when i moved to germany it was very very difficult to find.. i looked at probably 6 or 7 stores before i even found it.. oddly enough i found it at an electric store!! that sold things like toasters and mini ovens haha

    1. I know right? takes forever to find one

  3. available ang conair dito sa philippines diba? :)but ohwell,i'm sure it's cheaper in the states :)

    1. it definitely is waaaaay cheaper! hehehe

  4. i already have wavy hair but want some smooth curls this product looks really lovely thank you so much for the lovely post

  5. that looks great, I've always wanted a set like that!

  6. The hair dryer looks so convenient! Would be great for travel!

  7. Hi hollie.. do you like conair hot rollers?.. I have two and i'm selling the other one. I'ts brandnew.. Can't use it naman ng sabay.. The one i have are the 20 multi size pink hot rollers by conair. You can email me if you're interested :)

    1. I think she was selling it for 2,000 pesos
      you can check her photos on Facebook, just look for her profile Sofia Mae Paet

    2. Hi hollie love ur blogs. nyways, was trying to contact sofoe regarding those rollers.. Ure right very hard to find one in manila. I cant seem to get a hold of sofie.. Not infb or tru email.. Uhmmm.. Do u know her personally? Can u pls ask her as to where she can be reached? Tnx a bunch holl

  8. I wish the hair dryer is available in pink! :))
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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