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After being released last year 2011, I've read and seen raves about these eyeshadow singles from Wet n Wild. So, I wanted to try these out for the longest time and now I finally got my hands on some of them.

Product Info from Wet n Wild
High-pigmentation and pearl-density create a unique, satiny texture that lasts and lasts. A versatile collection of classic and trend shades can be easily worn alone or playfully combined for a variety of looks.

Retail Price: $1.99

Available in 7 shades
Sugar, Lagoon, Kitten, Nutty, Envy, Penny, & Brulee

with flash

no flash

swatches with flash

swatches without flash
(fyi: the swatches above are applied without an eye primer)

I skipped on buying Lagoon (blue), Sugar (white), and Kitten (lavender) because I couldn't see myself using those colors. It would be a waste to buy them and not use it.  I love all shades above, Penny is my favorite. It's just a really pretty peachy pink shade with golden shimmers, I can also use it as a blush. ^_^

I also found out that Brulee is a very good dupe for Mac Brule while Nutty is a very good dupe for Mac Satin Taupe. How cool is that!

So far, I love these eyeshadow they are very pigmented, easy to blend and stays a long time on my lids even without an eye primer.  They are also not chalky. Just a word of caution, these eyeshadow break easily so you have to be extra careful and make sure they don't fall.

Until next time.


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  1. Dont you just love Wet n' Wild's price? Really cute products for really cheap. Colors are lovely. Hope you enjoy them.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  2. Envy is my fave out of the bunch. I love that shade. :)

    Nutty is pretty.

  3. love the colors u chose. ganda ng pigmentation :)

  4. Love the pink eyeshadow shade! Wet n Wild are so inexpensive, I have yet to try their products!

  5. without primer yet they look so alive and full of color? wow very pigmented nga sya :D nice buy hollie :)

  6. I have also heard that penny is a dupe for MAC's expensive pink!

  7. hi there! i just want to ask where did you bought the wet n' wild single eyeshadows? thanks in advance!

    1. @oh no you didnt, I bought them on ebay.ph


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