REVIEW: L'oreal Smooth Intense Caring Conditioner and Caring Shampoo

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Before you read my review, I just have to say that this is my first hair care product review, simply because I'm really not big on hair care products. I recently realized that I have to take care of my hair because, I noticed that it's so damn frizzy! and I looked like someone who never combs her hair. LOL!

 Product Info from L'oreal Paris
Contains 2 Precious Ingredients: Nutrileum + Silk Protein

L'oreal Paris Smooth Intense Caring Conditioner
L'oreal Parish Smooth Intense Caring Shampoo
for Frizzy and Rebellious Hair
Smoothes and Nourishes
Sleek and Manageable Result
hair is 4x smoother
48Hour Anti Frizz

I've been using these two for over a month now and I must say, it's excellent!

What I like about it...
* inexpensive, 180ml bottle only costs Php 99.00
* mild scent
* definitely made my hair smooth and manageable
* my hair became less frizzy
* made my hair really soft
* less hair fall

What I don't like...
* It gave me dandruff, so I alternate this with my favorite Head & Shoulders Anti-dandruff cool menthol shampoo, which I have been using for years.

My rating: 4 / 5

I think adding the Smooth Intense hair mask in the mix will make my hair even better. I don't think I will repurchase this, because I want to try other variants. I'm looking for a shampoo and conditioner that works well like this but won't give me an itchy scalp.

This is it for now.


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  1. Sometimes my hair frizzes up when humidity is high~ thanks for this review~

  2. I have been using this one, and it does help with my hair's frizzy nature. Unfortunately, it makes my hair look dry even though anyone who combs my hair with their hands can say it is really smooth. I get the dandruff problem with it, too. And my hair fall issue is not subdued as well. I have to use alternative products in a week to address my hair problems :(

  3. Sorry to hear that it caused you to have dandruff. Too bad it works for you. I have tried the Smooth Intense hair mask and it works. You may want to try the L'Oreal TR5 line. Ever since I tried it, I never looked back. :)

  4. i am so into hair care products right now cause i kinda burned my hair while correcting my ombre mistakes. so thanks, im adding this to my list. btw, lory's hair cream is excellent! :)

  5. I hate it when they cause dandruffs~ Good thing you have your H&S to take care of the mess left by that new shampoo~

  6. oh no you had me sold until you said it gave you dandruff! my ends used to be really frizzy until i started using argan oil from sallys.. its heaven sent. once your done these products you should buy that one! :D

    1. how much is that argan oil and where did you buy it? thanks ! :)

  7. @Popblush, you're welcome.

    @SoulCaptive, my hubby had the same experience when he tried it too. it made his hair look dry.

    @Pammy, I've tried the TR5 line, and gives me dandruff as well.

    @fashioneggpplant, will try Lory's then.

    @MissGennD, true. :D

    @Donna, I just hope that's available here locally. I would love to try it. thanks for the suggestion.

  8. Hollie, I also got dandruff while using this. At first I thought I just didn't rinse thoroughly but after a few days, the dandruff persists. I stopped using it because it made my hair dry.

  9. I have a soft but still frizzy hair when I use this. However, I notice that it gives volume on the hair, as if my hair became heavier.

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