REVIEW: Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body and Face Bar

11:53:00 AM

For the first time, I heard my husband said that he really likes this one soap and that's Dove Men Deep Clean Body and Face Bar.  So it came to me, why not ask him to make a review about it. Whew, glad he said okay.  Here's a special review for the guys from my hubby, Odie.  Read his two cents about this bar soap. 

My husband always had oily and acne prone skin ever since he started college. So he already tried a lot of facial washes, soaps and cleansers. He's really not vain, he just wants to find something to help remove the big bumps on his face.  I just noticed that he's been repurchasing this particular soap for a couple of months now.

So I asked him, what to do you really like about it?
hubby said:  
- the invigorating scent
- the exfoliating experience because of the beads
- feels fresh and squeeky clean after washing
- skin does not feel dry nor gives a tight feeling after washing
- pimples have been significantly reduced
- the scent stays long and lasts for hours

Is there anything that you dislike about it?
hubby said:
- it dissolves rather quickly
- he find's that Php 60.00 for a bar of soap is expensive. he's such a cheapskate! LOL 

hubby's rating: 4 / 5

This is it for now.


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  1. Madali nga naman matunaw ang Dove. I noticed how scent and squeaky-ness are big factors for men.

  2. actually all dove soaps are like that they really dissolve easily.. :)

    much love!

  3. BF got curious :) maybe we'll check that out on our next shopping trip

  4. Such a cute review! I'm going to buy this for my fiance next time :)

  5. great review!! my hubs is so low maintencence with washing his face he just uses whatever handsoap i've currently bought and is in our bathroom as his face soap!! i'm like UH HELLO THAT'S NOT FACE SOAP hahahaha

  6. guys and their price points when it comes to beauty and fashion are whack! :P

  7. sounds like a great product for men. it really reduces pimples? haha i will recommend this to someone I know.

    great featured review from your hubby. =))

  8. I sometimes prefer men's soaps and body washes because they leave such a clean and crisp lingering scent!

  9. @Rae, now that you mentioned it, you're absolutely right.

    @Photoscape, I noticed that too.

    @Belle, hehe you should, he might like it too.

    @Katherine, yeah, let him try this and get back to me if likes it or not.

    @Lisa, LOL! I know exactly what you mean.

    @fashioneggplant, Whack! LOL!

    @Jackie, yes, I've seen that this soap really reduced his pimples, I'm impressed!

    @Kelly, I tried using men's skin care before, true that they are nice but sometimes I feel it's too strong.

  10. Hmm... I'm buying this for my BF. He's such a beauty junkie - he has more products than I do! :O

  11. aww i think this is a great product for men.. gonna tell my brotha..
    my hubby likes- Dove body wash.

  12. @Anna, LOL!

    @Diane, Oh my, I love Dove body wash, they smell like heaven!

  13. sis mentioned this post on my blog,

  14. Dove soaps dissolve quickly but I love it because it’s a great skin moisturizer!
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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