Watsons Skin Care Haul and Quick Reviews

4:30:00 PM

If you've read my previous post "Skin Care Empties" I've had quite a few skin care stuff that I've emptied out. Yay for that! So naturally I have to replace them, and here's what I got. By the way, I've been using all these for over a week now, so I can say that I'm quite happy with them.

naFlora restore feminine wash 60ml
- retails around Php 62.00

Out of all the feminine washes I've tried, I think I finally hit the jackpot! I've tried, Betadine, Lactacid, PH Care, Gynepro and finally naFlora.  It really does relieve itchiness, and really feels refreshing after washing. It has a really mild scent which I love and gives a really minty sensation. In addition to that, the packing is awesome, it doesn't use a flip cap.
My rating: 5 / 5

Watson's luscious body lotion in cherry 500ml
- retails around Php 119.00

I really looked for this body lotion when I saw MaricarlJanah raved about this on her February Wins video. And guess what I love it too! It smells so good and the texture is perfect. It isn't sticky at all and it absorbs quickly too but others might find the consistency a little thick. My skin really feels soft and moisturized after applying. I only use this at night  or days that I don't get exposed under the heat of the sun because it doesn't have SPF.
My rating: 4 / 5

Vaseline Healthy White triple lightening body lotion with SPF 24  100ml 
- retails around Php 98.00

I haven't noticed the lightening effect this lotion yet since I've only been using it for a week. But it did do a pretty good job with protecting my skin. I've tried walking around under the heat of the sun for hours and my skin darkened only very slightly. The scent is mild and texture is nice. Its definitely not sticky and I like the fact that it's not too thick like other whitening lotions are.
My rating: 4 / 5

Johnson's Body Care Naturally White Daily Moisturizing Wash 100ml 
- retails around Php129.00

This is the first body wash I've used regularly. I've tried body washes before but mostly free stuff that my dad brings from his trip...LOL. I'm really liking this, it's really moisturizing and it also lathers very well. It smells really mild, almost like baby powder. In addition to that, it also contains really fine beads which is almost unnoticeable.
My rating: 4 / 5

Asian Secrets Lurlur Whitening Body Scrub
- retails for Php 80.00

After all the raves I've read about this body scrub I finally gave in. Okay, so here's what I think about it. Haven't seen any whitening effect yet, well it's only been a week. It's super moisturizing but I think the scent is a little too overwhelming for me.  It does a pretty decent job as a body scrub but I've already tried something better. So in conclusion, this scrub is pretty much average.
My rating: 3 / 5

I'm not really sure about the prices above so I just placed a very close estimate from what I can remember on the top of my head. And Oh, I also bought the Neutrogena pure mild facial cleanser and repurchased the Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, I just forgot to include them in the photo.

This is it for now.


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  1. the cherry lotion looks nice! =)

  2. YAY for the Luscious Body Lotion in CHERRY! :)

  3. yay.. i want to try the lotion too.. nice haul

  4. @Shopcoholic, yes it does and I love the pump.

    @maricarljanah, hahaha thanks for recommending this. the price is really a steal considering the fact that its 500ml.

    @donnarence, I suggest you do try it and let me know what you think.

  5. Will try that naFlora one! :))

  6. Asian Secrets Lurlur Whitening Body Scrub - have this too! :D really many products no? haha! thanks for this dear. :)

  7. Lovely haul :) thanks for the quick review.

    Hey, I am holding a giveaway contest on my blog. Do check it out if you're interested. xx

  8. Thankd for sharing your thoughts on these prods. Too bad you weren't impressed with the Lulur :D however, a 3/5 rating aint that bad :D

    curious bout the fem wash... will check it out!

  9. The Watsons lotion looks interesting! :D

  10. ohh i will try that naFlora.. i hope it's available in sm grocery! :)

  11. i think i could use that vaseline lotion with spf! that's a double bonus point for me :)

  12. @Michelle, yeah give it a try also make sure you choose the right variant. that's appropriate for you.

    @sugar sugar, hehehe I guess most us have tried lurlur. hehe

    @Sara.H Thanks, will check out your giveaway.

    @herroyalbleakness, yeah it's not a bad product it's actually good, it's just that I've already used something better.

    @Aya, yeah I had that very same thought when I saw maricarljanah raved about this.

    @Hazel, I saw the naFlora at SM department store so hopefully it's available in the grocery.

    @Jennifer, so true, and the SPF24 really helps.

  13. your so lucky you live in asia and they have lotion that has whitening in it.. that is so cool!! ugh everyone wants to be dark in america.. so we only have lotion that gives you a tan.. bleh...

  14. @Lisa, hahaha I thought they also have whitening lotions available there...lol

  15. great steal for a 500ml lotion ^_^ im gonna give it a try (since the bf and me were lotion addicts) inuubos muna namin yung avon lotion na 400ml which costs 195php

  16. @rhaindropz, yeah, definitely a good price and it has nice packaging too.

  17. I;ve tried the Asian Secrets lulur and agree that it doesn't really deliver on the whitening effects ;) But I do love the scent and how it moisturizes my skin after. :)

  18. hi hun.. thanks for following both my blogger and onsugar blog ^_^


  19. i saw asian secrets lurlur whitening scrub in robinson's supermarket when i did my grocery shopping last week, i almost purchase it but i'm not really into whitening stuff, so i did not buy it. thanks for your honest opinion about lurlur.


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