Summer Giveaway Winner

9:08:00 PM

I would like to thank everyone for joining our giveaway! I discovered a lot of new readers and I hope you come back to read my posts as well as Miss Shopcoholic's posts.

Congratulations to Celline of Product Arena
for winning our summer giveaway! You are one lucky girl.
Please reply to the email that I sent so that I can ship your prizes. ^_^

Until next time.


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  1. congrats ms. celline! :)

  2. how did she win po?her name is not on the comment list :|

  3. @Lisa, she missed placing her email add on the comments, but I have it in the rafflecopter excel file. ^_^

    1. hindi po ba for validity yung pgcomment sa giveaway post?ngeffort po yung lahat na mgcomment..hmmm :(

    2. Fyi Lisa, she did write a comment but it was deleted. I've noticed comments randomly go missing in Blogspot sometimes, especially if Disqus is installed, so it can't be helped sometimes. Either way, she still won fair and square via the randomizer.

  4. awwww, i almost won! congrats to the winner :)

  5. oh come on guys!it's obvious..we know they're friends with her..wag na bitter.LOL lol

    @Hollie: you've just lost your credibility of hosting giveaways..but I'm sure you know that by now dear :)

    1. You sound like the bitter one here, graceconde.

      It's called a RANDOMIZER for a reason. Just because you didn't win, no need to point a finger or make accusations. Ever heard of the phrase, "better luck next time"? Clearly not if that's your attitude.

      The blog owner admitted that there was a slight mistake, but the mistake doesn't mean Celline still isn't the winner.

      I suggest you adopt a more mature attitude before you join another giveaway, sweetheart.

  6. @Graceconde, I don't know her. She's from Manila, I am from Cebu. and If you noticed, she just recently followed me via GFC and other social networks. You can see it in the GFC Followers above, she's on the top most row, meaning it's recent.

    @Lisa Ortega, sorry for not noticing about her comment missing here in the comments section. It was a mistake on my part, since I was basing the results on the rafflecopter excel file. I then copy pasted all the names in the fruit machine and chose randomly. I only noticed it was missing when you called my attention but I already posted the winner.

    I know I don't have to explain to you guys, but you deserve to know the truth. If that's what you're thinking, I apologize again. Also give fruit machine, so you'd know how that stuff works. It's called a RANDOM picker, so how can I tell it to choose a specific person? just sayin.

  7. Contestants weren't required to do every entry in the rafflecopter widget. If Celline didn't put a blog post comment, that doesn't disqualify her.

    Let it go guys, we all didn't win. Celline won, just accept it. There's hundreds of us and only one winner. No one deserves it more than someone else. If she had just one entry and it won over your 100 entries, well that's the point of a raffle: it chooses a random winner. This isn't Wowowee na ang mas kawawa mas malaki ang chance manalo.

  8. I agree with the comment deletion thingy, it happens to my blog also. Btw Congrats to the winner! :D


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