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6:30:00 PM

I was given this Blogger Luxury Award by Aya of Codename Aya and Tiffany of Tiffiefum Invasian a few days ago... Yeepee! Thanks ladies, I really appreciate it. This is the third blogger award I've received so far, I'm really happy.  If you're curious enough, you can check out my other blogger awards HERE.

I was supposed to do this post days ago but MyGlobeDSL has been down for a couple of days! I know, it's just so annoying. Well enough said, there's really nothing much that I can do about it.

Here's another 7 random facts about me that some of you probably don't know yet:

1. I love noodles and I mean all kinds of noodles from instant to freshly cooked. Lucky Me Pancit Canton, Yakissoba, Tanghon, Pancit Guisado, Lumi, Ramen, and even Korean Noodles, you name it! So I have quite a few disposable chopsticks in stock.

image taken from google

2. I really like cookies. For affordable ones, I always grab Rebisco Chocolate Chip cookies and Oreos, for the pricier ones, I love Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies and chocolate covered cookies from Marks & Spencer.  I'm always on the hunt for yummy cookies!

image taken from google

3. I really love cold milk drinks, almost any flavor will do as long as it has tons of milk. For chocolate milk, Chuckie is my favorite!

image taken from google

4. I used to have Huge dogs, 1 Rottweiler and 2 Black Labradors, but they all died...huhuhu
 image taken from google

5. I used to sing and play guitar in front of a crowd. I haven't sang in a while and I very rarely play the guitar now, I even already forgot some of the chords and can only remember the basics.

6. I'm an otaku!  (anime addict) I love reading shoujo manga and I love watching tons of anime except for the really boring sci-fi genres.

7. I have tons of really stupid bloopers. One example that I really just couldn't forget;
ME: Friend, what's that on your table?
Friend: Oh, it's Chicken Curry.
ME: Ahh okay, is it Beef or Pork ?
Friend: Huh???.... LOL

This is it for now.


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  1. Yey! I love Chuckie too!!! When I'm really really thirsty, I always crave for Chuckie! heehehe

  2. Your chicken curry blooper made my day! :P

  3. LOL! chicken curry FTW! you and i have so many things in common hollie! we're going to get along well. :D

  4. hala! you love chuckie din pla?!! grbe. I drink chuckie everyday! hahaha.

    pansit bihon is the best! :D

  5. Hahaha, even I still laugh at myself for that blooper...LOL. and yes I just love chuckie! Thanks ladies!!!

  6. mmm those noodle pics are making me hungry :D

  7. Congrats on your award chica!! I love noodles too especial ramen noodles yum yum yum!

  8. Congrats on the award! Lol on your Chicken Curry blooper :) And I too love cookies! Mrs. Fields is yum!

  9. love this post hollie! addicted to noodles especially korean! :D and chuckie! :D

  10. @The Beauty-Addict... thanks sis!

  11. haha! i laughed alone with your seventh. apple here, bloghopping. =)

  12. Oh, what's the reason for your Rottweiler's death? I also have a 5 year-old Rottie. =)

  13. @Amy, hehehe so true.. their making me want to have another round of noodles..hehe

    @apple, thanks for visiting my blog.

    @Eunice, we gave her (rott) to a relative and when I was pregnant but they didn't take care of her like I did...huhuhu


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