First Blog Award Ever!

8:26:00 AM

The rules for these awards are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award(s). 

I would like to thank Beautiful Loft for giving me this award. I thought I have nothing to post today, but this award was the first thing that greeted me early in the morning... Yeepee!

7 things about myself:
1. I'm happily married
2. I have a 2 yr old son (turning 3 this March 2011)
3. I'm a cartoon and anime addict
4. I'm currently working for my 6th Company (hopefully the last)
5. I go gaga over wrist watches (too bad my collection was caught on fire)
6. I have big (I'm a size 10 based on US size)
7. I have a sweet tooth (so I'm a candidate for diabetes..hehe)

15 Awardees - in no particular order
1. My Lucid Intervals
2. Everyday Makeup with Becky
3. Princesa-Livia's Beauty Blog
4. J'adore Rougit
5. Chase Beautiful Things
6. When Chick Hits The Pan
7. Yummiebitez
8. Bauble and Beyond
9. Whimsical Whatnots and Whatever.
10.The Makeup Drawer
11.A little bit of eki
12.The Beauty Cartel
13.My-My Cares
14.Shopcoholic for Makeup
15.Musings of an Offbeat Biped

This is it for now.


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  1. Haha! And I thought my feet were big since I wear size 9 shoes. Thanks for the award. :)

  2. Hollie! We have the same shoe size. I'm a size 10 in the Philippines which is the US size but now that I'm in the States, my shoe size ranges between 8-9 depending on the type of shoe. For boots or killer heels, I'm a 9.

    I don't have a sweet tooth but I do luuurve salty food. :D

    Your baby has the same birthday month as I do! <3

    Thank you so much for the award. :)

  3. @Donnarence, you're most welcome

    @Pammy, You're welcome...hehehe size 9 is still in the normal size. I only fit shoes in the Plus size department. lol

    @Toni, You're welcome! I usually fit size 10/11 here in Phils. depending on the brand. But for US brand shoes/slippers I fit a size 9/10, any size lower than that hurts like hell!

  4. Can I get this award too? hehe.. ^^

  5. Thank you so much sweetie!!! I'm honored to have received an award from you!!!

  6. Thanks for the mention! :D You totally deserved this award!!

    Oh and what happened to your watches? How did it get caught on fire?

  7. Congrats Hollie! You deserve this award!
    I am a sweet-addict too :)

  8. aww thank you! and congrats on the award!! your a sexy mama <3

  9. @CallMeZen... sure, in the future.

    @Shopcoholic... you're welcome. I know you already have tons of awards but I still feel you deserve it.

    @ayieh... you're welcome, I appreciate you being so active in blogging.

    @Michelle... our house was caught on fire last April 2010. it was arson, a total of 8 houses were burned.

    @Sasmita... Thanks, appreciate it! thanks for following.

    @Donna... Thanks, I hope you follow me back.

  10. New follower here:)


  11. weeeee! Thanks for this award hollie! :) Im so happy that you thought of me!

  12. Me too! My mom got me slippers from Africa and I'm a size 11 there. lol.

    Oh! Please do stop by my blog as I'm having an international Apothica giveaway. <3 I'll post the award you gave me in my next post along with a zombie makeup tutorial!

  13. @K... my Pleasure.

    @MyMy, You're welcome.

    @Toni, sure I will check it out. And the Zombie tutorial sounds interesting.

  14. Thank you! Your kids might enjoy the zombie tutorial. You can do it for them on Halloween. <3

    Your page led me to Legends of Zelda! lol. This is so odd. Thanks so much for joining my giveaway. :)

  15. @Toni, I only have one
    Yeah, I watched it earlier. I'm sure it will come in handy during the halloween.

    Fixing page now...hehe

  16. congrats with the award dear, and i followed you back! :)

    omg, your wrist watch collection got on fire??? and i'm a sweet tooth who still likes watching cartoons as well! so, high-five! :))

    <3 hazel

  17. thank you so much for this award! :) sorry been pretty busy lately.

    btw, my feet are bigger than yours. :p

  18. @Hazel, thanks for follwing back. btw, our whole house was literally burned to the ground, that's why I also lost my wrist watch collection... :(

    @sugar sugar, You're most welcome. Really? what's your shoe size? do you also have a hard time buying shoes?...hehe


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